Both You And Your Cat Can Eat This Treat

by Dasha Fayvinova

While I personally have never looked at cat food and wished that I could eat some, a company in Japan has created treats you and your cat can eat together. Now you don't have to worry that you will get your kitty sick by letting her eat from your plate. It's all totally safe for both parties! If only this company could make actual food cost less than cat food, and still retain the taste, I would be willing to switch my diet as soon as humanly possible.

The website for the treats is run by Japanese company called Neco Republic. I really appreciated the website's design, complete with an adorable cat crest and cartoonish depictions of felines. Admittedly, you'll have a little trouble navigating the site unless speak, read, or write in Japanese. But it turns out we can sweeten the deal on this whole sharing cat treats thing — Neco Republic is the world famous cat rescue cafe in Japan! This cafe saves cats that are on the verge of being put down or those that just cannot find a home. It gives them a permanent place to live inside of their cafe were patrons pay to sit, eat and play with the cats. With my cat experience over the course of 24 years, I feel like I would just end up eating silently by a cat that's playing with a feather. Although, if I had food that I could feed to a cat, everything would change...

Dried Herring And Sardines

One of the options given as a cat and human friendly snack are the dried herring and sardines. Right away I would have to pass because I don't think I would eat anything with eyeballs. Cats on the other hand — I feel like this could be a smash hit.

Smoked Bonito

I had to look up what this was initially. Apparently they are small ray-finned predatory fish. See! You learn something new every day. I wonder if they would serve this at the New York City cat cafe that opened recently?

Dried Mackerel Furikake

The packaging suggest adding this to rice with cooked eggs as a meal you and your cat can enjoy together. Apparently, it's just flavoring you can add to anything that your cat will enjoy. I already see ten different uses of this new product.

Images: Neco Republic