There's A Headband That Will Put You To Sleep

If the lullaby of honking horns and your neighbor's enthusiastic late night kitchen antics aren't soothing you into slumber, then maybe it's time to try this new headband that puts you to sleep. This magic sleep tech is called Sleep Shepherd Blue, and fits around your head the way a sweatband would — except, unlike a sweatband, it's able to track all sorts of facets of your sleep cycle to help your body get the best sleep possible. And seeing as Michael Bublé is a little too busy being Michael Bublé to sing me to sleep, this seems like our next best option.

The headband tailors itself to your sleep cycle using a biofeedback system, which measures more activity than any other personal sleep tracker on the market. The system monitors brainwaves with EEG sensors and tracks motion and head orientation with an accelerometer, information that helps it regulate whether or not you're sleeping, and what stage of sleep you happen to be in. Once it gages all that feedback, it will issue precise binaural tones to help you fall asleep. Basically, it'll science the crap out of your brain and hopefully turn you into the sweatband-savvy Sleeping Beauty you were always meant to be.

Since it's getting so intimate up in your brainwaves, the headband even "trains" your brain to enter deep sleep. Each side of the band has the capability to adjust the wavelength of the binaural tones it emits, which in turn will affect your brain's response to them and the type of sleep that you get. For instance — when you first go to bed, your brain activity is at about 50 HZ (hertz). By the time you're asleep, it's all the way down to 10 HZ. And while it's impossible to make that giant leap all the way down to 10 in one go, the Sleep Shepherd Blue headband uses the tones to gradually train the brain down to the level of sleep.

Another perk? If you set an alarm, it will wake you up gradually, using the binaural beats and a subtle alarm tone instead of jerking you out of your dreams about being Olivia Pope's BFF with a loud, predesignated phone wail. Over time it will also track your weekly and monthly sleep habits, so if there were ever a question as to whether or not you're werewolf, here's a surefire way to find out once and for all.

The Sleep Shepherd Blue is in its Kickstarter phase right now, and is currently retailing for $249. You can find the Kickstarter and more information about the product on Sleep Shepherd's website here.

Images: Sleep Shepherd