A St. Paddy’s Day Playlist Your Party Needs

St. Patrick’s Day is a day for song and dance, and whether you’re Irish through and through or wishing you were, it's good to have St. Patrick's Day songs on your side to help you celebrate properly.

I happen to be one of the lucky souls who is more than 50 percent Irish, and every year on St. Patrick’s Day I let my inner Irish shine with boatloads of cider, Irish stew, and Guinness chocolate cake. The biggest highlight of the day is catching the live music around town. There’s nothing like an Irish drinking song to get the party started on St. Patrick’s Day, am I right? Green beer goes down so much smoother when you’ve got a soundtrack to drink it to.

This playlist will be the ultimate soundtrack as you indulge in whatever happy-go-lucky festivities you have planned for the night. These tracks are made to accompany all your St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans. The lineup includes everything from the classics to festive Irish rock that will make you feel like you are in Ireland with every note. No matter what your St. Patrick’s Day plans are, you will be able to break into dance and live life to its Irish fullest with this ultimate soundtrack.

1. “Salty Dog” by Flogging Molly

A St. Patrick’s Day playlist wouldn’t be complete without a little Flogging Molly thrown in the mix. Kick off the day with a little Irish rock to get your blood pumping and your feet moving.

2. “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys

The intense take on this old Irish folk song will get you up and out of your seat before you can say “luck of the Irish.” This song appeared on the soundtrack for The Departed — it doesn’t get much more Irish than that.

3. “The Irish Rover — feat. The Dubliners” by The Pogues

Take it back to the classics with this Irish folk song. You may not be on a sailing ship doomed for a tragic end, but you and your crew can get into your own kind of mainland trouble.

4. “Mountain Dew” by The Clancy Brothers

This perky little ol’ Irish tune will keep the folks entertained after a few hours of celebrating.

5. “Streams of Whiskey” by The Pogues

Pick things back up again with this Irish drinking tune. Dreaming of streams of whiskey sounds like a darn good way to end an epic party, doesn’t it?

6. “If Ever I Stray” by Frank Turner

So he may not be Irish, but this recent hit has a good romping beat to get your feet moving.

7. “I’ll Tell Me Ma” by Young Dubliners

This just so happens to be my all-time favorite old Irish song, particularly because the beat is impossible to sit still to. All you want to do is grab the closest lad or lass and say “kiss me I’m Irish” before planting a big ol’ Irish kiss on them.

8. “Erin Go Bragh” by Various Artists

Sometimes words just aren’t necessary, and that’s exactly what makes this interlude a grateful break from the rowdy sing-a-longs that are likely happening by this point in the playlist.

9. “Crying in My Beer” by The Porters

Missing your lad or lass? There, there. Get a good cry on.

10. “Pub’n Roll” by Paddy And the Rats

Once you’ve worked through your emotions, it’s time to jam out with this Irish rock anthem. It’s the perfect track to kick off your beer crawl with.

11. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a little U2, would it? This blast from the past will have the whole clan singing at the top of their lungs, even if St. Patrick’s Day isn’t on a Sunday this year.

Image: Andrew Burton/Getty Images