Why Everlane's New Shirt Is A Must-Have

What's more exciting than one of our favorite brands releasing a new item? Answer: nothing, which is why I'm so excited about Everlane's new shirt release. It's called "The Square Silk Shirt" and I already know that it's going to be one of my wardrobe staples, especially with spring coming up next month.

If you're not familiar with Everlane, they're a clothing start-up based in San Francisco that creates and sells sustainably-sourced products in the best factories around the world, according to their website. An extra benefit? Everlane also shows you the true cost of a product, as well as the mark-up. That's the type of honesty I like in both my brands and relationships (if it sounds like I'm asking Everlane out, it's because I am).

Because of their stellar business model, transparency with their shoppers, and super cute products, Everlane has quickly become a fashion favorite. So much so that Racked has even questioned this: Can Everlane really become the next J.Crew?

Their newest release happens to come in the form of the most versatile shirt, ever. The Square Silk Shirt is described as "oversized fit. Geometric shape. No bad angles." And I'm going to agree with them! In four colors — black, white grey, navy, and pink — you've got all your bases covered. I'm totally digging the darker panel at the bottom of the top, giving an extra detail of depth.

1. Black

The Square Silk Shirt, $88,

You already know this is my favorite. Because it's black, which means it goes with literally everything. Style this with your favorite ripped denim (preferably raw denim), and a heeled ballet flat, and you'll be the most elegant person in the room.

2. White Grey

The Square Silk Shirt, $88,

This is almost an off-white color that also happens to go with pretty much everything, too. I'm envisioning these styled with a pair of black culottes and a grandma heel. Add a touch of badass behavior by topping the whole look off with a varsity jacket.

3. Navy

The Square Silk Shirt, $88,

Some say never wear navy and black, and others, like me, say screw that rule. Navy and black actually happens to be one of my favorite color combinations. For this navy beauty, I'm thinking of pairing it with a faux-leather (or just denim!) pair of black overalls, one slide unclipped. It's that "I don't really care, but I still look polished" vibe.

4. Pink

The Square Silk Shirt, $88,

OK, I may be afraid of color, but I love this pop of pink. This would look super cute tucked into your favorite pair of mom jeans. Seriously, how cute would it be? This top and color pretty much scream spring.

Go ahead — get to shopping! If you're too late, you may have to be added to their wait list, which actually often happens with Everlane's products. It's a top that can totally be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and your accessorizing. Either way, you'll always be super comfy and on trend.