'Legends' Connor Hawke Has A Major Tie To 'Arrow'

Arrow fans have seen Star City face some pretty tough times throughout the show's four season run, however, the Legends of Tomorrow trip to "Star City 2046" made this town's former troubles seem like a walk in the park. Oliver Queen is no longer the Green Arrow and Slade Wilson's son, Grant Wilson (aka Deathstroke 2.0) controls the entire city, leaving nothing but destruction and chaos in his wake. But you know how this vigilante thing works. When one person steps down, another one steps up — and that one person just so happens to be Connor Hawke, who has taken up the Green Arrow mantel in Oliver's absence. But that isn't the only interesting part about this character. It turns out that Connor Hawke is actually John Diggle's son, John Diggle Jr.

I know, feel free to go ahead and have your mind explode over this news. Mine sure did. It looks like our boy Diggle will eventually have another kid — one who grows up to live a heroic life of crimefighting just like his dad. This is quite the change up from the comic books, considering Connor was originally supposed to be Oliver's son, not Diggle's. Not that I mind the shift in the storyline, though. In fact, I kinda love it.

But obviously this exciting and fascinating news doesn't come without a price, because just in case you were hoping to see Diggle and Diggle Jr. working side by side, your dreams were officially dashed. Diggle is dead in 2046 and since Oliver has basically given up on life for the past 15 years, Connor's been on his own, trying his best to take down Deathstroke and his army of minions.

We knew that looking this far into the future would be difficult, especially for all diehard Arrow fans. Star City is in dire straights and Team Arrow feels like a distant memory in this time line. That being said, though, it's important to keep in mind Rip Hunter's promise that this reality can be changed. All of this may never come to pass 30 years from the present day Sara and Ray left behind. So no matter how grim things look right now, take heart in knowing that this doesn't have to be Diggle's fate, nor Star City's future.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW