Rachel McAdams Has Gone Platinum Blonde

It's not every day that we see Rachel McAdams make a real style change. The Spotlight and True Detective actor is actually pretty consistent when it comes to her fashion and beauty game. Now, there's definitely a cool edge to it because Rachel McAdams dyed her hair platinum blonde for a super chic, yet kind of punk rock look that I'm loving. While McAdams has definitely been known for having diverse hair colors — that Notebook-era strawberry blonde was my personal fave —, this new look is a more subtle but still kind of edgy change.

It's not like McAdams has never surprised us on a red carpet like she did Thursday night. McAdams is known for rocking killer color and prints. From florals to vibrant neons, she's got the whole vibrant thing down. Not to mention, she's a pro at prints. Back in December though, she rocked a killer black pantsuit with sheer, polka dot panels that was definitely a departure, and she looked totally gorgeous in it. McAdams is set to appear at the Oscars on Sunday thanks to her incredible performance in Spotlight, and while she may be anticipated to stick with a safe bet, her latest hair change is sure to spice up whatever she chooses.

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McAdams' chic bob looks amazing in platinum, and her change before the awards shows she's definitely not afraid to mix it up.

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While I'm not completely sure, it's my understanding that McAdams is a natural brunette, but she rocks blonde so well that you'd never be able to tell.

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Rachel McAdams' platinum blonde hair is proof that the star knows how to rock a trend. Back in 2015, celebs went platinum left and right. One of the most notable changes was definitely Kim Kardashian West. Her long, insanely bright locks were a shocking different from her naturally dark tresses, but McAdams' change is definitely more subtle. Despite the more subdued shift, it's still totally impactful considering her previous looks.


Prior to Thursday night, McAdams was rocking a more rooted look. The exposed roots are definitely part of a larger trend, but it seems she was ready to change up styles.

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While McAdams is known for typically having a blonde hue, she's also a pro at darker looks. Her gorgeous auburn hair is easily one of my favorite looks. The tone looks gorgeous against her skin.

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She's also not afraid to experiment with cuts. While she's rocking a bob now, McAdams has killed it with bangs, long locks, and even a lob. Basically, she's a hair master.

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Think platinum is McAdams' edgiest look? Try again. Her pink hair was totally bomb. Whether she's rocking pink highlights, auburn locks, or platinum tresses, McAdams can basically do no wrong when it comes to her hair. Her latest change is just one in a long string of excellent style choices.