Where To Buy Rihanna's "Work" Video #2 Top

Fairly certain that I passed out when I saw the "Work" music video with Rihanna and Drake. That is until the second music video played, and I for sure blacked out, especially Riri's outfit. But where can you shop Rihanna's top in the "Work" video? Super bold choice, Rih, but I've got to say it fully paid off, since I've been scouring the Internet to find that exact top.

If you have yet to see the video, please do yourself a favor and watch it. Once, or twice, or maybe 15 times like I did. Not only is the first video super fun (and to be honest, it made me so hungry seeing the food in it), but it's got some pretty amazing fashion in it. Rihanna's mesh dress (from Tommy Hilfiger's Spring Summer 2016 collection) with thigh high slits was everything. That is, until the "loading" bar popped up, and we all discovered that there are not one, but two videos.

I had to take a second to pick up my jaw from the floor. As if the three minutes and 45 seconds of fun weren't enough, we were blessed with a second, more *ahem* personal video, which featured a purply lit room with Riri showing off some serious moves. Seriously, can she give me some lessons? Drake is in the back like yep, I love my life right now.

But perhaps what was most notable for me was Rihanna's unapologetic free nip moment. Why wear a bra if you don't want to? That's right, Rihanna said f*ck bras, and by the way, look how fabulous I am. Her glittery top paired with her raw edge skirt was the perfect combination, and my goal is to wear that same (or similar) top, bra included.

But, according to Telegraph, Haus of Rihanna reported that the top is actually a vintage find. Womp, womp. Looks like I won't be finding the exact top anytime soon, but these glitter and sheer alternatives will have to do!

1. Sequins Central

Parker Naples Sheer Embellished Stripe Silk Tank, $242, Nordstrom

You can even go braless in this one.

2. Shimmery

Silence + Noise Dancing Queen Shimmer Tee, $39, Urban Outfitters

So in love with how this looks with a bralette underneath.

3. The Super Extreme Version

Nasty Gal Rhinestone To Pick Net Tank, $128, Nasty Gal

This is not for the faint of heart, but it certainly is edgy.

4. The Tunic

Ganni Vanessa Glitter Tunic, $144, ASOS

Shine bright like a diamond.

5. The Crop

Wrap Glitter Crop Top Green, $34, Missguided

Sometimes, ya gotta go with the crop.

6. The Super Sheer

Out From Under Shine On Me Tank Top, $24, Urban Outfitters

This is the type of sheer we're talking about.

7. The Dress

ASOS CURVE Glitter Blouson Sleeve Skater Dress, $82, ASOS

The perfect dress for whenever you want to make a statement.

8. The Trippy Pattern

Onyx Nite Made In USA Plus Glitter Tunic, $20, TJ Maxx

Love how the glitter in this makes an (almost) optical illusion.

9. The Tiny Tank

Kimchi Blue Tiny Tank Top, $44, Urban Outfitters

I'm always a fan of a delicate neckline, and this top totally kills it.

Everyone needs a little Rihanna in their life, whether that comes in the form of her badass attitude, finesse dance moves, or in this case, her undeniable style. This spring, take a style note from Riri's book and try out the glitter trend. She's bringing it back, y'all!

Images: YouTube; Courtesy of Brands