9 Things Everyone With Frizzy Hair Should Know

Way back in high school, whenever a gloomy rainstorm appeared on the horizon, my elbow-length curls and I used to head for the hills (or, you know, the nearest windowless classroom). That hair-destroying humidity did a number on my tresses, but understanding how to tame frizzy hair in the years that have followed has saved me countless bad hair days (and grateful locks of hair) from dried-out breakage.

There are certain things everyone with frizzy hair should know if they want smooth, shiny strands. Whether your fluffy fly-aways are genetic or seem to only pop up after a particularly sweaty workout, the pouf can be smoothed out should you want to smooth it out — and look just-got-back-from-the-salon good at the same time.

But more than just taking preventative measures (like understanding which particular products control your brand of frizz best), it's important you cut down on damaging grooming habits that only serve to aggravate frizz further. Did you know the way you dry your hair could be making it frizzy? Or, how about your tendency to scrub hair clean every night in the shower? And don't even think about skipping out on conditioner because you're late for work. You might make it in before your boss, but you'll have the frizzy strands to prove it.

1. Don't Shampoo Every Day — But When Washing, Make Sure It's Sulfate-Free

Shikakai & Reetha Shampoo , $25, Amazon

Mainstream shampoos have damaging sulfates that peel away healthy oils and nutrients from your hair. Try this shampoo, which combats major breakage and damage that leads to dried-out, frizzy hair. Its nourishing blend of Vitamin C comes from its Indian gooseberry ingredient, which strengthens hair follicles to smooth out fractured hair cuticles, while Reetha herb soothes your scalp. This keeps your hair's natural oils right where they should be — instead of stripping your scalp like other sulfate shampoos tend to do.

2. To Avoid Frizz Between Washes, Use Body-Defining Dry Shampoo In Between

DevaCurl Cleanser Dry Shampoo (Set of 2) , $25, Amazon

If cutting down your shampooing to every other day makes you nervous, it's time to invest in your locks with the made-for-curls dry shampoo. This cult favorite absorbs greasy slickness without leaving a powdery residue behind. Plus, it adds shine, texture, and volume — three things a head full of curls can always use.

3. Never Skip Conditioning — Fight Frizz With Birch & Sage Extract Deep Conditioner

Curlfriends Leave-In Conditioner , $23, Amazon

This 100 percent, all-natural leave-in treatment uses birch and sage extracts to transform rough, brittle waves into luxurious bouncing curls that are soft, hydrated, and easily styled for any look you want. After scooping out a dime-size amount, just work through strands and set for two minutes. Run through hair before a workout to give hair additional protection before salty sweat dries it out.

4. Don't Blow Dry Hair — If You Must, It's Worth It to Use A Drying Hood

Portable Hairdressing Hood Hat , $6, Amazon

Admit it: You definitely already own a damaging hair dryer. Why not make use of what you've already got by getting this attachable drying hood that clicks right into your tool? The gentle heat is less damaging to strands, and the concentrated drying method won't blow hair all over the place for bigger pouf like your dryer does. Air drying is really best for preventing frizz, but how often do you really have an hour (or longer) to watch hair dry, anyway?

5. Don't Be Afraid to Touch-Up — Have Replenishing Macadamia Oil On Hand for Spritzes

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray , $17, Amazon

Touch-ups can be annoying, but this light hair spritz is definitely easier than re-lining lips after lunch. The highly moisturizing oil is formulated with Vitamins E and C, which nourish hair while adding the shine and smoothness your frizzy strands crave. Its applicator releases the formula in a fine mist, so it's super easy to apply as needed when your hair's getting a little thirsty.

6. Stop Using Brittle Gels — Try the Avocado & Macadamia Oil Anti-Humidity Pomade, Instead

JustNatural Anti-Humidity Pomade , $29, Amazon

When your style needs a little extra hold, but you're just ending up with crispier frizz — ditch the gel. This all-natural frizz-fighting pomade leaves hair more moisturized for longer throughout the day. Its lightweight formula seals the hair cuticle to lock out humidity, using avocado and macadamia nut oil to add control without drying out later.

7. Battling Rain-Specific Frizz Issues — Keep This Camellia Serum at Your Desk for Downpours

Colorproof Anti Frizz Serum , $24, Amazon

Caught-in-the-rain only looks good in The Notebook. Eliminate drying-hair frizz by pumping a few clicks of this color-proof serum onto your hair when you get back inside. It's 100 percent vegan and packed with Camellia and Abyssinian oils to keep hair glossy, instead of greasy. Smooth down the pouf and pull back your hair for a polished finish.

8. Avoid Alcohol-Containing Hairsprays — Switch to Rice Bran Oil Gloss Spray

Aveda Brilliant Spray On Shine , $19, Amazon

The sad truth: Many aerosol hairsprays that appear to make life easier only dry out hair in the long run — meaning more frizz for you. Snag this rice bran oil conditioning gloss spray for a finishing set that leaves frizzy, tangles strands soft, supple, and simple to comb through. (Pro Tip: Using your fingers, instead of a comb, can actually create less frizz).

9. Swap Your Cotton Pillow For Silk — Or Test the Bonnet Alternative (Yes, Really)

Silk Sleep Cap , $21, Amazon

Bonnets aren't just for your gram anymore. The secret to cutting down on frizz friction while you sleep is encompassing your newly nourished locks in the super-smooth fabric cover that won't suck moisture from your strands. Pick your favorite vintage-inspired pattern from eight different options, and feel free to toss in the wash with your clothes when it's time to clean.

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