7 Hilltop Colony Characters 'The Walking Dead' May Introduce Now That We've Met Jesus

The arrival of Paul "Jesus" Rovia in last week's episode can only mean one thing: the Hilltop Colony is coming to The Walking Dead. In the comics, Jesus comes from this community, which brings some major plotlines that the series will likely follow to some degree, so fans should prepare to meet a slew of new characters who bring plenty of drama. Comic book fans have been waiting awhile for the introduction of the Hilltop Colony, and it seems like the time may have finally come. Of course, The Walking Dead doesn't always stick to its source material very strictly, but that doesn't mean we can't look to the comics for clues of what to expect.

Hopefully, Sunday's episode will finally bring the group to Hilltop Colony, where we may meet a few new characters to join Jesus as TV newcomers. The Colony is a lot like Alexandria in that there are all kinds of people, some of whom are great at fighting and protecting themselves, and others who need some help. There are the characters you should get to know, just in case they make the adaptation from page to screen. Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics ahead.


Gregory is the leader of Hilltop Colony. He’s in his 50s, acts very inappropriately towards women (especially Maggie), vain, and basically, a total jerk. He also can't handle things well, and definitely isn't the right person to lead Hilltop. If the TV show introduces Gregory and keeps him at all like the comic version, prepare to hate him.


Ethan is around for literally one second, but he's important because he's murdered by Rick. The Hilltop Colony member comes back from a mission to the Saviors alone after his group was murdered. He says that Negan is holding Crystal (another Hilltop member) captive and is instructed to pass along a message. He then stabs Gregory, leading Rick to tackle and kill him.


Brianna becomes a close friend to Maggie when she eventually becomes a resident of the Hilltop Colony. In the comics, she has a 12-year-old son, but previously lost her husband and daughter after the initial zombie outbreak. She doesn't come around to everyone when they first get to Hilltop, but eventually Brianna becomes a main character and extremely important to Maggie.


If The Walking Dead follows the comics, we won't be meeting him just yet, because technically he’s part of a community called The Kingdom. However, he’s part of Hilltop Colony’s trade system, working alongside the group a lot, so he’s important to know. He's also extremely smart and helps in the war against Negan.

Harlan Carson

Harlan isn’t a main character in Hilltop, but he’s significant for being the Colony's doctor and helping Maggie throughout her pregnancy. It’s never really established what kind of job he had before the apocalypse, but he’s good at delivering babies, which is useful. He may be too minor of a character to make it to TV, but hey, Denise could always use some help.

Eduardo & Kal

Eduardo and Kal guard the main gate to Hilltop Colony. They are pretty much best friends and could be a fun new addition to the current crop of characters. Besides, if certain other aspects of Hilltop Colony make it to The Walking Dead, we're going to need some lighter moments.

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