Who Is Matt Harmon On 'Fuller House'? D.J.'s Certainly Caught His Eye

At long last it's here, guys. After over two decades without the Tanners, Fuller House is on Netflix, fresh and ready for you to marathon watch all weekend long. I've already peeked in on America's favorite family, and it's been so great getting reacquainted with the gang; with all the catch phrase slinging and Joey still insisting upon Bullwinkle impressions (ugh), it's like nothing's changed. But things have changed, and, among the sea of familiar faces, we have plenty of new characters to get to know. And one of Fuller House's new additions is Matt Harmon. But hwho is Matt Harmon on Fuller House ? Spoilers ahead, in case you want to hold out and learn during your much-anticipated marathon watch, of course.

In Fuller House, we come to find that D.J. has grown up to become a veterinarian, and Matt (played by John Brotherton of One Life to Live) is a fellow vet at the clinic she works at. In fact, he's actually the son of the owner of the clinic, and he decides to court our recently widowed D.J. He gets rather tangled up in a mystery of many delivered roses that divide the girls, leaving Becky to interrogate their respective suitors. Who delivered all the roses? Was it Matt? Was it Kimmy's ex-husband Fernando? Or was it Stephanie's ex-"husband" Harry Takayama? No, seriously, that kid has made it good as a CPA.


I won't ruin the dramatic conclusion of that episode, but, suffice to say, Matt is seemingly trying to take things with D.J. as slow and respectful as possible. H's definitely taking things slower than Steve, who shows up in the first episode all forehead and power-eating the free food like it's 1993 again. Steve seems very clearly still in love with his high school flame, and he pretty much is just waiting around for her to be ready to date again, wanting to capitalize on her husband's untimely passing (but you know, in a nice way). Steve, you see, always thought that he and D.J. would've gotten together and started a family. Hmmm... not sure if that's sweet or if it's an idea best left to fanfiction.

Well, the series has already gotten off to a good start, and I guess we're going to find out who will win the battle over D.J.'s heart.

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