Emily Shouldn't Remarry In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival, Even Though Richard Is Gone

The heartbreaking passing of Edward Herrmann means the Gilmore Girls revival will deal with Richard Gilmore's death's death head on, and his absence will no doubt be a constant ache for Emily Gilmore. In an interview with TV Line, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino promised Richard's death will be a driving force for Rory, Lorelai, and, most importantly, Emily. As much as I am looking forward to watching the great Kelly Bishop take Emily on this achingly real journey, I am certain Emily Gilmore should not remarry in the revival.

I am not advocating Emily spending the rest of her life alone. It sounds like a few months will have passed since Richard's death, so, theoretically, by the end of the revival, Richard will have been gone for nearly two years. Still, Richard was Emily's life, just like Emily was Richard's. Their temporary separation in Season 4 was brutal enough, and each one of Richard's health scares set Emily on edge. There will be ample material to explore as Emily grieves, learns how to live life without Richard, and finds a new direction, even without adding in a major romantic development. There is so much I want for Emily Gilmore in the revival, but remarriage is not one of those things.

Here are 11 reasons why Emily should not marry anyone new in the Gilmore Girls revival.

1. Emily & Lorelai Need To Finally Bond

Emily and Lorelai are going to need to lean on each other. Their relationship has always been an uneasy one, even though it's clear they love each other. Emily is going to be in a position where she needs Lorelai by her side more than ever before. Lorelai has been single most of her adult life, and there is no one better equipped to guide Emily through this transition.

2. Emily Needs To Find Out Who She Is Without Richard


Emily married Richard right out of college. Her entire adult life she has been married. Who is Emily when you take away her one constant? That is something she cannot find out if she jumps directly into a serious relationship.

3. It Wouldn't Be True To Emily


The woman who demanded she be allowed to go first is not someone who is going to move on quickly. Emily is going to grieve Richard, honor his memory, and try to move forward. That may mean remarriage one day, but it isn't something she would want so soon after losing Richard.

4. This Is Emily's Time To Have Adventures

Emily is untethered now, and that is going to be frightening, but it also means the whole world is out there waiting for her. She should be traveling, meeting new people, and maybe ticking things off her list that she and Richard never got to do together.

5. No One Is Going To Be Over Richard's Death

Richard Gilmore is a hard act to follow, maybe the hardest act. No one, not Emily, not Lorelai, not Rory, and not the fans will be ready to let go of his memory so quickly.

6. Another Marriage Won't Resolve Emily's Grief

Emily will have to face her grief head on if she wants to make it through to the other side. Another marriage would be like putting a tiny band-aid on a gaping wound.

7. Watching The Gilmore Women Together Will Be Far More Interesting

Emily, Lorelai, and Rory will all be at a crossroads in the revival, but they will be standing at it together. Gilmore Girls has always been at its best when it focuses on family, and watching these three women stand together in the face of their pain could be the show's finest hour.

8. Emily's Story Shouldn't Have To Revolve Around Men

There is already going to be a lot of romance going on in Rory and Lorelai's lives, if the return of their exes is any indication, Emily's story doesn't need to revolve around romance too. She found her happily ever after once. Now the show needs to find out what happens after that.

9. Emily & Richard Were Too Perfect For Each Other

There will never be another love like Richard and Emily's. I'm sorry, but it's just true. Richard and Emily were perfect, and trying to replicate that chemistry in just four episodes will be impossible.

10. Watching Emily Attempt Dating Makes More Sense

If she is ready, seeing Emily try dating could be interesting. It's something the show flirted with during Emily and Richard's separation, but it is something they could have fun with this time. Emily on Tinder? Emily and Rory out on the town? There is a lot to be said for keeping things casual.

11. Emily Is The Official Head Of The Family Now

Emily and Richard were a team before. When things got tense between Emily and Lorelai, Richard was there as the buffer. Now Emily is the head of the family all on her own. Watching her step into that role, and finding purpose in it will be a far greater story than a remarriage ever could be.

There's a big world out there just waiting for Emily to conquer it. A woman as indomitable as her doesn't need a new man by her side to face the next stage of her life. She just needs her fortitude, her family, and the knowledge that Richard will always be with her, even now that he is gone.

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