'Making A Murderer' Could Become A Movie

It's been over two months since Netflix's Making A Murderer premiered and made Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey, and Manitowoc County household names. The popular docuseries still has everyone talking and viewers constantly looking for new information about the Avery case. The series details how Avery was wrongfully convicted of rape in 1985 and spent 18 years in jail before being exonerated in 2003 only to be arrested two years later and convicted, along with his nephew Dassey, of murdering Teresa Halbach. Both Avery and Dassey maintain their innocence to this day, and, while developments in the case are few and far between, it does look like viewers of the show may be getting a new installment soon, but not in the way you'd expect. It looks like Making A Murderer could be turned into a movie.

According to Cosmopolitan, various gambling outlets are starting to take bets regarding "whether the real-life story will be turned into a blockbuster" and "the bets are already coming in thick and fast for who's going to get cast." While the gambling circuit is a pretty dubious source for official details, it's entirely possible that Making A Murder could be getting the Hollywood treatment seeing as it's an incredibly popular show with many viewers worldwide. According to Cosmopolitan, bookies are saying that Billy Bob Thorton and Danny McBride are top choices to play the lead role of Avery, but viewers of the show have been assembling their own personal dream casts for months now.

No matter who ends up getting cast in the potential Making A Murderer film, it's likely to be as talked-about as the docuseries. So, whoever the actors are, they should be prepared to take on such a high-profile role.

Image: Netflix