Chris Rock Tweets A Cryptic Oscars Message That Could Mean A Few Different Things

We're just a few days out from the 2016 Academy Awards, but strikingly few details of the ceremony itself have leaked, so I really have no idea what we're getting into on Feb. 28. Even less so now that I've seen Chris Rock's cryptic tweet about the Oscars. This guy is really spilling no dirt on what will be going down. As I'm sure we all know by now, Rock is hosting the 88th Annual Academy Awards, so he's in a prime position to know what we can expect from the proceedings, and to pass that info down to us normals. But he hasn't been doing that; even amidst calls for him to step down in the face of the second year in a row of #OscarsSoWhite, Rock has stayed pretty tight-lipped about his plans.

So, when I saw that Chris Rock had finally tweeted something about the show, I was relieved that we'd finally get a glimpse of what's in store for us — especially when I saw that his tweet also included a video. Maybe it would be a clip of him telling one of the first jokes of his monologue, maybe it would be one of his favorite speeches from years past, which might give us an indication of which way this year would lean, or maybe it would just be him speaking right into camera, giving me those sweet sweet deets. But it was none of those things. Instead, it was 15 seconds of varying static, with the even more confusing text "See you Sunday... #blackout #oscars" and then an emoji of an Oscar statuette.

UM WHAT. What is that supposed to mean? This couldn't be more cryptic if you tried, Chris Rock, and I have a feeling you know that. So let's talk about the options for what this Tweet of Mystery might mean, to get ourselves all amped up for the big day.

That The Rebels Have An Announcement

Remember in the Hunger Games movies, how, any time the rebels wanted to say something to the people of Panem, they'd break in through a speech of President Snow's, and it would be all staticky like that? Maybe it's some kind of a reference? Jennifer Lawrence would know, we should ask her.

A Threat To Speechmakers Who Go Long

Maybe this year, instead of playing people off with music, they'll just cut the video feed so they can be sure to end right on the button when they've promised to.

A Promise That We'll All Boycott The Oscars If #OscarsSoWhite Ever Happens Again

Kind of like "this is your last chance, or we're blacking you out?" I could get behind this.

Or A Warning That Chris Rock Isn't Going To Show At All?

Oh my god, can you imagine?

A Prediction Of How Drunk Everyone In Attendance Is Going To Get That Night

Hold onto your butts, Benedict Cumberbatch has a flask.

Literally Just To Annoy Us

And honestly, this one is probably the most likely.

As much as I'd love to pretend that this has hidden meanings, it's probably intentionally left with zero information just to drive us nuts. And force us to tune in, of course. And you know what? It's working.

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