Emily Maynard On 'Bachelor' Ben's Shocking Choices

Over the years of The Bachelor, the words "I love you," are very rarely spoken before the finale episode (on the man's part). Mumbling those words can not only spoil the season, but it can also give an inflated sense of stability to the contestant. Before this season, Brad Womack told Emily Maynard he loved her. After two Bachelor Nation proposals, Emily is now promoting her new book I Said Yes: My Story of Heartbreak, Redemption, and True Love and chatted with Bustle for a very special episode of Will You Accept This Podcast? In between giving details of her book — which chronicles her life before, during, and after The Bachelor and Bachelorette— Emily revealed her thoughts on who would make a great 2016 Bachelorette, what it meant for Ben to meet Amanda's daughters, and if Ben Higgins saying "I love you" on The Bachelor to two women this season was a huge mistake.

"I totally get how you can feel like you're falling in love with two people and blurt it out in the moment," Emily says. Having been the receiver of an "I love you" on Brad's season, and having been on Ben's side of the situation, she definitely has the experience to speak on it. That being said, Emily adds, "I'm sure that will probably cause some problems afterwards, which won't be too much fun..."

Check out what else Emily had to say about Ben's rule-breaking ways on this special edition episode of Will You Accept This Podcast?.

In her book, Emily talks about the validation she would receive from Brad during his second season of The Bachelor and just how important that was as a contestant. We see Ben giving out validating comments like they're red roses, which could cause more heartbreak as the season narrows down the final three to the final one. For Emily, she says that validation helped her. "It made me feel a lot more confident," she says. Then again, it wasn't a permanent fix. "Still, I questioned everything. Your brain just goes crazy when you're on this show."

You can purchase Emily's book I Said Yes: My Story of Heartbreak, Redemption, and True Love beginning March 1.