Analyzing Which 'Bachelor' Women Ben Might Love

by Alaina Urquhart-White

It's obvious to see Why Ben Higgins is pretty much everyone's favorite Bachelor. Ben's unlike many previous Bachelor alums . He's genuinely a sweet guy who doesn't seem to be putting on much of an act. It doesn't hurt that he also seems to be super unaware of how adorable he actually is. Now he's gone and stepped out of the Bachelor mold once again by falling in love with not one, but two ladies. The new teaser below shows an emotional Ben confessing his love to both of them. So, who are the two Bachelor contestants Ben's in love with?

The teaser does a brilliant job at making you want to jump into your television and offer Ben your shoulder to cry into. The man is adorably and genuinely emotional. He clearly truly doesn't want to hurt either woman. There is a somewhat shocking moment where he confesses that he believes he made a mistake, so maybe there's going to be even more drama than expected. Either way, the man seems to have legitimately fallen for two women at once. How is he going to pick between them? Well, we can't answer that before first speculating about who Ben dropped the love bombs on. (No spoilers!)

Based on the season thus far, here are my top choices for who these two ladies might be...

Caila Quinn

I think Caila could potentially be one of the ladies who Ben loves. She seems to be so genuine, and her sweet nature really meshes well with Ben's. They have a ton of things in common (like having the same job!), and he just always seems really curious to know more about her. Plus, she was the very first one-on-one date and it was so casual and normal (minus Ice Cube and Kevin Hart showing up). That could be a sign of love to come!

JoJo Fletcher

JoJo really has a shot. She was the most memorable coming straight out of the gate. Two words: Unicorn head. She has since racked up some roses and dates. I really started considering her a worthy contender when she won the group date rose. Ben is obviously very attracted to JoJo and she to him. Their relationship is brimming with chemistry, and I can totally see her going far in the competition.

Olivia Caridi

She is one person I am on the fence about. Initially, I was pretty sure that she was going to go make it to the end, but lately I am getting mixed signals about Ben's level of interest in her. Ben seems to really have connected with her from the start, but since the women have been spilling on what a braggadocious pain in their necks she has become, Ben seems to be cooling a bit on her. All is not lost, though. I think there is still a chance that she steals his heart and makes a real go of it.

Lauren Bushnell

I have a strong feeling that she is one of the last ladies standing. She and Ben really organically connect, and Ben is the textbook definition of enamored whenever they appear together. She also received a group date rose and Ben always pays special attention to her. She could easily be one of the two ladies getting Ben's love confession.

But, I suppose we'll just have to sit tight and watch to see who he falls for. It's always more exciting when the choices aren't completely obvious, and Ben certainly has his work cut out for him with this wonderful group of ladies. It's not surprising he's falling for more than one of them!

Image: Eniac Martinez/ABC