Zayn Malik's "It's You" Jokes & Memes That Will Make The Song Absolutely Hilarious

Zayn Malik's highly-anticipated solo album has the world on the edge of their seats. First, he drops the whole quitting One Direction bombshell. Then, he releases that very adult song and video for "Pillowtalk." Now, the pop star has released his second music video for "It's You," and fans are going crazy. In a good way, of course. While this video doesn't feature Gigi Hadid again — this time, Nicola Peltz of Bates Motel is the blonde girl he's romancing — in this digital age, nothing can stop the Internet from coming up with the best "It's You" memes and jokes that will make your enjoyment of the video even better.

Malik first introduced this song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which was the first time he appeared solo on television since his One Direction split. However, you wouldn't know it from watching the effortless way he graced the stage and sang his heart out. Suffice it to say, it was an incredible performance and definitely showed that he is ready for his own solo album. The Internet agrees, for the most part, and came out strong with the jokes. From that memes about crumpled paper scene to jokes throwing shade at One Direction, the Internet was the best part of this video.

1. When You Don't Have Apple Music

Some of us will just have to wait until it hits YouTube.

2. One Direction Jokes For the Win

I don't think his career will ever exist without at least a few mentions of One Direction every now and then.

3. The Paper Throw Seen Round the World

There is no chill to be had about this scene.

4. How We All Feel

I mean, when we're honest with ourseles.

5. It All Started with Zayn

Before he left 1D and Harry Styles became the reigning king of fashion, it was really all about Malik's style.

6. We Can't Get Over That Paper

Still. Not. Over. It.

7. No, But Seriously, The YouTube Thing

I feel this pain. It's too real right now.

8. 1D Jokes Never Get Old

This may have been my favorite reaction yet, because it's probably so true.

9. Enough Said

Exactly how I was feeling about this video.

Malik has a lot to look forward to this year, and it looks like his hard work is paying off. The general consensus on Twitter is that everyone loved his new music video. (Especially that crumpled paper scene, because the GIFs were flying off the handle for that one. But, let's be honest, who doesn't love to watch a good contemplative black and white paper throwing scene?) One thing is sure: we are finally getting to see the real Malik and that mind of his.

The video for "It's You" is available here.