The Orange Kylie Lip Kit Has A Very Different Name

The mystery Lip Kit color finally has a name! Kylie Jenner named her orange Lip Kit "22". I know what you're thinking, and no, there's no "K" in this one! I'm really not sure why she picked this number, but it's short and sweet and definitely different from the rest. Regardless of the name, this must mean that the new release is right around the corner, so it's time to get excited!

Jenner teased the new color again yesterday, asking her fans to try and guess the name of the shade. It's safe to say that no one got it right. The names Pumpkin K and Tyga K were thrown around, but both were far off from the real title. Kylie Cosmetics posted a picture of the bright orange packaging with the tiny name "22" on the bottom, and so Lip Kit fans seem baffled by the number. Her last Lip Kit colors all had personal names — Koko K for Khloe Kardashian and Mary Jo K for her grandma — so there's a good chance that the number is near and dear to Jenner.

I will admit, the star is pretty good at keeping things secret. She teased the last Valentine's Day collection pretty well. Oh, and there are her tattoos, which she posted on social media and left people guessing about the meanings behind them. This is just another cryptic message that, odds are, she'll eventually reveal the significance of before the launch.

Name or no name, her fans have been loving the shade "22." Orange was the perfect in-between color to compliment her already released pinks, reds, and browns, and will without a doubt fit in perfectly in her collection.

Every post about the new shade has the #comingsoon attached to it, but there has only been one color teased so far. Either Jenner is about to surprise us all with two extremely last minute colors or there will be a single launch of just the orange shade. With all the products and collaborations that she has going on lately, you just never know what she'll do next!

Either way, the new "22" is looking fabulous!

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