Olivia Caridi's 'Bachelor' Blog Reveals Why She Went On The Show & What We Can All Learn From Her Actions

You all know her as the “villain” from Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor , but now that broadcaster Olivia Caridi has been sent home, she’s been writing about her experience on her blog and opening up about trying to find love on reality TV. Despite some of the questionable remarks she made during her time on the show, it’s important to remember that The Bachelor producers and editors are basically magicians. They know exactly how to get people to completely open up and how to cut things into place. That being said, Olivia Caridi deserves the benefit of the doubt, and I think we can all learn something from her most recent blog on vulnerability posted shortly after her elimination aired.

Olivia went on the show and immediately hit it off with Ben. She got the first impression rose and continued to receive Ben’s undivided attention. Unlike the other girls who make solid friendships while on the show, Olivia made it clear she was there for one purpose: To be with Ben. That attitude usually doesn't sit well for the other women, which is pretty much why the drama began to revolve around her. She left her job as a broadcast reporter to be on the show and ended up going home on the dreaded two-on-one date. Her overconfidence in their relationship very well could have been the determining factor in sending her home, but, to be fair, it also could have been the women talking trash about her to Ben.

Here’s what we learned about her, and what it’s like on The Bachelor from her post-show blog.

She Went Through A Rough Breakup

Like most of us who fell in and out of love in college, Olivia was in a serious relationship in college at TCU. “He left me and broke my heart, and I closed myself off for years,” she wrote. Because of that breakup she said she hasn't been able to let anyone else in, which I think we can all relate to.

Why She Signed Up For The Bachelor

In an attempt to open herself up and be vulnerable again she decided to sign up for The Bachelor. “I thought, let me abandon shame and fear,” she wrote, “Here’s my chance to put myself out there (trust me, that was hard) … and even though there was a chance of failure, I opened myself up to hurt and rejection.”

Most people would just consider putting themselves out there with online dating, but you know what? It takes guts to put yourself in a competition. Kudos.

Why She May Have Come Off A Bit Cold

No, Olivia didn’t make a ton of friends in the house, but she explained that it was because she tried to be strong and wanted to remain in control of every situation around her. I imagine that’s why she came off they way she did. “I try to build the toughest of exteriors around myself, and I honestly make it tough for people to get to know me,” she said.

How She Felt About Being Sent Home

It was kind of heartbreaking watching Emily and Ben leave Olivia on that island while it was about to storm. No one wants to hear they aren't the one. So, what was it like for Olivia that day? “I was rejected, and, in turn, heartbroken. Was that a failure? It might look like it. But, it wasn’t. I realize my vulnerability wasn’t and isn’t a weakness – it’s strength.” She added, “It takes guts to put your heart out there, to give your heart to someone who could break it, but to trust that they won’t.”

Using Rejection To Continue Looking For Love

“There will be someone who loves you,” Olivia wrote. “Someone will expose himself or herself back to you, and all of the rejection and pain will be worth it. Remember, the greatest risk in life is love, and to love is to be vulnerable.” Touché, Olivia.

Why Being Vulnerable Is So Important

Here’s the major lesson from Olivia’s blog: If you won’t let yourself be vulnerable, you will be shutting yourself out of relationships and things in life that might turn out great. Sometimes they won’t, but if you don’t let yourself try, then you will never find love.

Olivia may not have been everyone's favorite contestant, but there's no denying she put her all into the process, and that's admirable — no matter the outcome.

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