Leo DiCaprio Oscars Memes & Jokes That Make The Actor's Big Night A Whole Lot Funnier

With Leonardo DiCaprio, the embodiment of the Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration emoji, favorited to win his very first, long-awaited Academy Award Sunday evening, the Internet is already exploding with Leo DiCaprio 2016 Oscar memes and jokes (no surprise there). DiCaprio is nominated for a Best Actor statuette for his portrayal of Hugh Glass in The Revenant, a truly remarkable performance that showcases the resilience of the human spirit (one could argue that, like his character, DiCaprio has traversed across a frozen tundra to seek revenge for what is rightfully his — dat Oscar). And, while the Internet has been ripe with DiCaprio Oscars memes and jokes all award season, Sunday night is undoubtedly the pinnacle. I mean, Adele even got in on the action, sharing a superimposed photo of herself atop the famed Titanic staircase. The caption? "Good luck Leo! Everyone loves you because you're the best. Meet me at the clock anytime bruv X."

Lady Gaga was also sure to share her support for the actor, tweeting: "Don't know about u but I'm rooting for LEO! He's blessed us w/ years of his storytelling, he deserves this! #1!!"

In addition to the celeb endorsements, there were those memes and jokes from hilarious ~normies~, who all wasted no time in tweeting and meme-ing the hell out of DiCaprio with various references to his enormous body of work. I'm talking everything from his random commercials to Titanic to The Revenant, all were fair game in Twitterland.

Check out the best Leo Oscars jokes and memes below.

Image: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle