18 Times Arya Stark Summed Up Your Life

by Caitlyn Callegari

I may be the oldest sister in my family tree, but I have always, always identified with Arya Stark, Game of Thrones’ resident youngest sibling, rather than big sis Sansa. It's not that Sansa isn't relatable, because she totally is in her own way. it's just that I've always been more of a low maintenance, au naturale, unfiltered, sassy kind of a gal. Arya just kinda gets me, you know? If you too feel like you relate to one or two or all of these traits, well then, this is for you.

It might not initially feel like we millennials and the young people of fictional war-torn Westeros could have much in common. For example, I haven’t personally ever seen a fire-breathing dragon or encountered a white walker (thankfully). But while I may not be a part of the aristocracy or have a bounty on my head (I hope?), I can understand a cheeky quip, eye roll, or A+ diss when one is given. Arya is just like the rest of us unimpressed young adults, except, let's admit it, she is probably a lot more badass.

Here are 18 times Arya Stark completely summed up my life, and probably yours, too.

1. When Someone's Hitting On You And You're PMSing

And you're like... why?

2. When You Win A Particularly Heated Drinking Game

Nothing like beating a grown man twice your size who says that you, in all of your 5'4" glory, couldn't possibly best him. You didn't go to college for nothing, OK?

3. When You Check Your Parents For Assigning Gender-Biased Chores, And Then They Make You Mow The Lawn


4. When Your Sister Won't Let You Borrow Her Boots And Nothing Else Goes With Your Outfit

For real, it's the worst.

5. When Your Plane Hits Turbulence

*Prays to all deities and offers up many sacrifices to Satan or whoever is listening*

6. When Someone Refers To You As "Ma'am"

I am 25, bro. Not 105, thank you very much.

7. When A Relentless Creep Asks For Your Name


8. When You Get To The Top Of The Waterslide And You Realize It Was A Bad Idea

But there's a line of excited 9-year-olds behind you and you don't want them to make fun of you.

9. When You Catch An Episode Of Sailor Moon

The opening credits, man.

10. When You See A Guy Manspreading On The Subway

You're especially testy at 7:45 am.

11. You, At All Times During Fleet Week

Bless Fleet Week.

12. When You Leave Your Dog To Go To Work In The Morning

Every day is a struggle.

13. When You Try To Comfort Your Friend Who Is So Over Crop Tops

And clothing designers will eventually be forced to stitch on the bottom half of shirts.

14. When You're Broke AF And You Scavenge The House For Some Extra Change

You're not proud of the things you did to get that $4.37.

15. When You First Start Going To Starbucks And You Try To Order A Venti Macchiato But It Comes Out Like...

Close enough.

16. When You Get Your Period On A Beach Trip

Truly nothing worse.

17. When You Run Into Someone From High School And They Pretend They Don't Recognize You

And, just for that, I'm going to force us to engage in awkward small talk for approximately six minutes.

18. When You're Super Drunk And Your Friends Try To Get You Out Of The Bar

They're good people. You don't deserve them.

We are Arya. She is us.

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