7 Jacob Tremblay Oscars Quotes That Are Too Cute For Words — VIDEO

Is there anyone out there who hasn't fallen in love with Jacob Tremblay? The 9-year-old actor who starred alongside Brie Larson in Room has been charming people left and right ever since his breakout role as Jack Newsome catapulted him to superstardom and, seriously, what a little gentleman. That charm was on full display Sunday night when Tremblay hit the Oscars red carpet with his parents, coming out to support Larson in her nomination for Best Actress and to support Room for Best Film — and to make us all melt into a little puddle of goo. He's not even a teenager yet, and Tremblay is already one of my favorite actors just for the sheer fact that he's so cute. In fact, picking the cute Tremblay Oscars quotes that make me melt the most is near impossible. But, you know, I had to try.

Tremblay's red carpet interviews may have been short, but they were all full of adorableness. I mean, Tremblay is just adorable in general, but seeing him show up in an Armani suit to explain his Instagram photos and his love for the Oscars was just too much, you guys. If you think you can handle it, check out the video below. Warning: you can't actually handle it.

Let me break this down for you, because Tremblay's quotable cuteness really needs to be appreciated.

1. "I Can See Lots Of Legs. That's My Perspective."

Get it? Because he's short.

2. "I Watch The Oscars Every Year, And Sometimes I Root For People. Like, Last Year, I Rooted For Eddie Redmayne And Then He Won."

Ryan Seacrest believes that it was Tremblay's faith in Redmayne that won him that Oscar, and now so do I.

3. "Brie [Larson]! I Want Brie To Win."

His love for his co-star Larson is just too sweet. The fact that he's rooting so hard for her just makes me melt.

4. "I Have Darth Vader Socks."

Of course he does. Of course he does.

5. "This Is A Joke. I Punched Him In The Face Because He Took My Spot In Best Supporting Male."

The fact that he needed to explain ahead of time that this photo was a joke just made it even more hilarious.

6. "I Just, Like, Stretched Out A Lot And Tried To Do My Best Face."

But don't worry, you guys: he was wearing a seatbelt.

7. "I'm Presenting The Award For The Best Short Because I'm Short."

In case you didn't get it the first time.

Tremblay might not be nominated for any awards on Sunday night, but I gotta say it. If anyone's won the Oscars, it's him.