The Mani Cam Just Might Be Officially Be Dead

A lot changed this year with E!'s Academy Awards red carpet coverage. As much as the stars' amazing outfits stole the show, it was more about what wasn't there this time. It appears that The Mani Cam is officially finished — and Twitter sure has a lot of feelings about its departure.

If you're asking yourself what the heck I'm talking about, let me refresh your memory. The Mani Cam was a tiny little red carpet replica that the E! hosts would ask celebrities (mostly women) to walk their fingers down, so they could show off their manicures. Consider it a mini catwalk for your hands.

On the 2016 Oscar red carpet, however, the Mani Cam was noticeably absent — and Twitter is absolutely loving that the Mani Cam has gone by the wayside. Could this be a sign that the red carpet is finally edging its way into a more talent-centered interview portion and not just focusing on the accessories that these talented women wear? We can only hope.

Here's what Twitter has to say about the death of the Mani Cam.

The reaction just as bold as Julianne Moore's.

It's dead, and that's fine with most.

Someone had to say it!

Yes, yes it is.


The emoji says it all.

Three cheers for #AskHerMore!

RIP, Mani Cam.