Did Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet Go To The Oscars Together? It Sure Seems Like It

Adorable alert: it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are each other's Oscar dates. At the 2016 show, the longtime BFFs, who are both nominated for acting awards, were seen posing on the red carpet together, and it seems like they came as a pair. How cute is that?! Although it's not entirely clear if either star also brought any significant others or family members as dates as well, it seems likely that they arrived together, considering how closely they posed while on the red carpet. Which is adorable.

As many know, DiCaprio and Winslet have been friends for many years, ever since they met on set of their now-iconic film Titanic. The stars were barely out of their teens when they became famous, and have stuck by each other's sides in the decade since. They've starred in other movies together, rooted for each other's awards wins, and, most recently, each took home a prize at the 2016 Golden Globes for their roles in The Revenant (DiCaprio) and Steve Jobs (Winslet).

Earlier in awards season, Winslet expressed her hope that her friend would take home an Oscar for his performance, telling Giuliana Rancic at the Screen Actors Guild Awards that she could barely process her own Golden Globes win earlier in the month because "I've been so focused on Leo and him winning everything." And she's clearly not his only A-list fan; on Oscar Sunday, none other than Adele tweeted her support for DiCaprio (along with a Titanic reference), posting the message "good luck Leo! Everyone loves you because you're the best. Meet me at the clock anytime bruv x".

It's clear that whatever happens on Sunday night, DiCaprio has plenty of people rooting for him, including Winslet, his lifelong BFF and adorable red carpet companion.