Where Is Jennifer Lawrence During The 2016 Oscars Red Carpet?

If the Oscars red carpet coverage this year has seemed a bit dull, there's a very clear reason why: the lack of Jennifer Lawrence. Where is Jennifer Lawrence during the 2016 Oscars red carpet? She's nominated! She's gotta be there somewhere, right? I can only imagine the interview and talk show anecdotes that are going to come out of whatever shenanigans she got herself into on the way to the show, because I assume she's, like, working with her limo driver to carry a can of gas back to the car that just happened to run out of fuel on the way to the Oscars. Ya know, or something else quirky that will endear the world to her even more. Such is her way.

(Update: J. Law showed up quietly at some point.)

If J. Law was on the red carpet though, things would be a lot more exciting. She'd be talking to Ryan Seacrest about the snacks in her purse, or gushing over Jacob Tremblay like the rest of us, or tripping over her dress — OK, maybe the whole falling thing is in her past at this point, but still, she'd be doing something.

Lawrence does not have public social media accounts, so we cannot see where she actually is at the moment. My guess is that she'll show up once the show has started and we'll see her sneaking into her seat while someone is on stage accepting the award for sound editing. Godspeed, J. Law. May you get that limo full of gas and show up before the champagne is all gone.