Who Is Indigo on 'Supergirl'? This DC Comics Foe Has A Knack For Technology & Chaos

As Kara Danvers has evolved over Season 1 of Supergirl, she has faced off against a number of enemies — both suited up as the titular superhero and as her human persona, Cat Grant's assistant at CatCo. Now, a new villain on Supergirl seems to pose a threat to both Kara's everyday life at CatCo in addition to her alter-ego as Supergirl. But, who is Indigo on Supergirl , is the villain based on a character from the comics? Well, the short answer to that is yes, Indigo is a character from DC Comics, but her history is anything but simple.

Let me try to break it down: Indigo is an android built by the villain Braniac who is defeated by a team of young heroes, causing her memory to be wiped. She then becomes a member of the hero team, the Outsiders, and enjoys simple everyday past times like bowling and silent movies. However, the evil side of her persona is still hidden inside her, called Braniac 8, and it eventually takes over, turning her into a villain again. Got all that? Of course, something tells me we won't be seeing much of this back story on Supergirl — no matter how much I might want to see Indigo go bowling with Kara and the gang — but her comic book abilities may give us more of a hint about her villainous character.

In DC's continuity, Indigo has some similar powers to Supergirl, like flight, super strength, and durability, due to her android body. However, she also possesses a knack for computer hacking, which seems to be an aspect of the character adapted for CBS's superhero show. According to the official synopsis for "Solitude" Indigo will put her hacking prowess to nefarious use:

But, Indigo's hacking ability and power to transport through the Internet aren't the only assets that make her a formidable foe for Supergirl. In a clip from "Solitude," Indigo reveals she also possesses "omniscient knowledge" that encompasses everything there is to know about Supergirl:

Neither the synopsis for the episode nor the clip confirm Indigo will be an android as she is in the comics, but her calling Winn an ape definitely seems to hint she isn't human — although that could simply mean she's an alien. Of course, we won't know Indigo's deal or how Kara recognizes the symbol of her people until we see this episode of Supergirl. But I for one will be hoping Indigo makes a miraculous turn to the side of good so we get to see her lead a bowling outing during the gang's next game night. Now that's the kind of Supergirl episode I want to see.

Images: Michael Yarish/CBS