Laura Prepon Will Be in Most of 'OITNB' Season Two

While the prospect of a brand new season of Orange Is the New Black has been a deeply exciting one since it was announced that the Netflix series had been renewed, it's always come with a sense of confusion about the future of Laura Prepon's excellent character, Alex Vause. If you're not up on Orange Is the New Black news — basically, a few months back, Buzzfeed reported that Prepon was leaving the series, and then cast members commented that they weren't sure what was going on with that either. This, as I'm sure most people would agree, is pretty much terrible news. So, get ready to be super excited and grateful towards series creator Jenji Kohan, who just gave a whole new interview to Us Weekly about it: According to her, Laura Prepon will be involved in "most" of Orange Is the New Black season two.

In other words: BEST NEWS TODAY.

"Yes, yes, she is coming back," Kohan told Us at the Writer's Guild Awards recently. "Not the whole season, but...you'll see her for most of it."

It's not really clear what "most" means, but considering that Alex Vause is such a huge part of Piper Kerman (Taylor Schilling)'s current, incarcerated life, it must mean only an episode or two of absence. Hey, we'll take anything if it means more Alex Vause in our lives when season two premieres.

Image: Netflix, Pandawhale