9 Reasons The Film 'Leap Year' Deserves A Re-Watch

Do you like movies with Irish hotties? Do you like days that only happen every four years? Then it's time you give the movie Leap Year a re-watch. In Leap Year, Amy Adams plays Anna, a gal whose boyfriend of four years simply will not propose to her. So, she decides to take matters into her own beautiful hands and follow the lame and unable-to-commit man in her life to Dublin. There, she plans to propose to him as per a Celtic tradition that allows for women to propose to their lovers on a leap day. But, as Irish luck would have it, she ends up on the other side of Ireland due to a bunch of unforeseen circumstances — like a rain storm that re-routes the plane and her ferry.

She then hires a super grouchy (but in a hot way) innkeeper Declan O'Callaghan to drive her to Dublin. He's not very excited about it because of his own romantic past, but agrees because his pub is about to get foreclosed on. During the trip, they argue a lot and face all sorts of calamities — like a car rolling into a bog, and Adams' luggage getting stolen, and being forced into fake marriage life and to sleep in the same bed at a bed-in-breakfast — but still manage to fall in love. When they finally get to Dublin, Anna is all sorts of confused about her feelings, but agrees to marry her boyfriend Jeremy when he proposes. But what will happen next? She's not in love with Jeremy.

A re-watch, or first-time watch, will clear up the mystery. The following are the reasons why, if this summary didn't do it for you, this movie is worth a second look.

1. Ireland

How does a place that beautiful even exist?

2. The Arguments

I love watching couples who don't know they are in love yet, so they argue and fight all the time. It's so romantic. But really doesn't happen that much IRL, much to my dismay.

3. This Guy

OMG, he's so dreamy. And that accent. I may just book myself a little leap day flight and propose to the first Irishman I see.

4. This Girl

Even when Amy Adams' character is pretty two-dimensional like in this movie where she plays an over-achieving, over-planner who gets seriously basic about her Louis Vuitton luggage, she's still adorable.

5. Irish People

Those accents are like having someone read you a bedtime story.

6. This Scene

What a wonderful first kiss story. So precious.

7. The Irish Wedding

If this movie doesn't make you want to get wasted at an Irish wedding party, I don't know what will.

8. Adam Scott As A Jerk

I love it when Adam Scott plays a meanie. He does it. So. Well.

9. Cheesy Romance Is Something We Can All Get Behind

This movie doesn't take a lot of thought. This makes it definitely worth a watch if you have lost all faith in love and need a mood lifter.

There are some movies that just make you feel plain good, and Leap Day is one of them. That's why, no matter what day it is, it's worth a re-watch.

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