11 Ways Carlton Could Have Led 'Fresh Prince'

There's really no denying that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a classic. From its catchy theme song to its heartwarming characters and even its bizarre antics, it's really no wonder why the '90s show lasted six seasons. But imagine if the show was told from a different perspective. While Fresh Prince clearly follows the story of Will (as he moves in with his Aunty and Uncle in Bel-Air), his life is not the only one being flipped upside down in this situation. In fact, his cousin Carlton also needs to deal with the transition of having his annoying cousin move in with him. So what if Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a show all about Carlton — a show in which, instead of focusing on Will Smith's move to Bel-Air, the audience focus is instead on a wealthy kid whose life plan is "ruined" when his rowdy cousin moves in? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air starring Carlton Banks would be a very different show, and yet still totally intriguing.

One thing that would make a Carlton run show so different from a Will run show is that who the "cool kid" in the family was would be looked at in a different way. In fact, Carlton would probably be even more of a good role model. And, as for Will, well, he would probably be viewed as downright annoying, because of how often he messed up Carlton's idyllic Bel-Air life. Let's take a look at the 11 ways in which The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would have been totally different if Carlton was the main character instead of Will, because it might just blow your mind.

1. The Carlton Dance Would Have Been The Next Big Thing

Now I'm not saying that we don't all already love the Carlton dance, but if Carlton was the focus of the show, then perhaps he wouldn't come off as such a dork. And, in response, his dance moves (maybe) wouldn't look so awkward. Basically, if the perspective of the show changed, the perspective of dancing in America might have changed as well.

2. Carlton Probably Would Have Had Better Luck With The Ladies

If Carlton was the main character, the problem with his love life probably wouldn't be that Carlton was the dorky one. Instead, Will would just get in the way of all of the connections and moves that Carlton possesses. Thus, their picking up girls conflict would be pretty similar to the original show, but with just a few minor changes.

3. Preppy Would Have Been In

Carlton always cared about his appearance. He owned the stylish sweater, preppy look. Perhaps his look might have caught on more with the general population watching the show with him as the lead character.

4. Carlton Would Have Had A Bigger Influence On Will

You remember how Will's antics always affected Carlton's life, and of course, that would still happen. However, instead of them just ending each episode by them getting in trouble, if Carlton was in charge, there might have been more of a balance between who influenced who. In fact, if Carlton was the main character, I have a feeling the show would have more of a life lessons, Full House-vibe to it.

5. Carlton's Siblings Would Have Sided With Him More Often

Instead of Will being the cool cousin that moves in, Carlton would probably take the rest of his siblings under his wing and have a better grasp at keeping them on his side. Yes, Carlton's character might essentially be straight-laced and awkward, but maybe we would see the rest of the Banks siblings agree with Carlton more on the topic of Will instead of just immediately preferring their new cousin.

6. Carlton's Friends Would Have Been A Bigger Part Of The Show

We don't really see much of Carlton's friends in the original Fresh Prince. However, if Carlton was the main character, his whole world would open up for us. Perhaps we would see more of his school life, and the social circle he runs in.

7. The Show's Sense of Humor Would Be Different

Fresh Prince has a very particular sense of humor: Will's ridiculous, over-the-top character dominates the show's hilarity. However, with Carlton at the forefront, the humor might actually be toned down a bit. You can't have the show's antagonist totally outshine the protagonist, right?

8. Uncle Phil And Aunt Vivian's Views Towards Carlton Would Be Better

Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian love their son Carlton and are proud of everything he does. There's no denying that. But, if the show focused on Carlton's life changing, perhaps his parents would be more by his side. Just like the audience, their focus would be realigned from Will to Carlton.

9. Will Would Be More Annoying Than Funny

If Carlton's whole perspective is how Will is ruining his already perfect life by moving in, then that would have to be the audience's perspective too, In response, Will would be just plain annoying, and Carlton wouldn't be so ridiculous for judging Will.

10. The Theme Song Would Be Way Different

I think it's safe to say that the theme song as it is wouldn't stand with this new show format. In fact, it would probably align more with Carlton's likes and lifestyle. So, kiss that classic rap opening goodbye. A slowed down, overly cheesy theme song would have to take its place.

11. Alfonso Ribeiro's Career Might Have Taken Off More

After Will Smith being the main character of Fresh Prince, his career skyrocketed into stardom beyond his already existing hip-hop fame. But imagine if Alfonso had the acting career Will has now? Yep, Hollywood would be a much different place.

And while this was fun and all, personally, I think I prefer the show being just the way it is. No hard feelings, Carlton.

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