Get To Know Kim Richards' Daughter Kimberly

by Kayla Hawkins

Kim Richards' first stint on reality television was as a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but, as E! Online reported in June 2015, Kim decided to leave the show as a regular cast member. Now, she's only featured sporadically on the current season via her sister, Kyle Richards. But, Kim is hoping to make another foray into reality television alongside another family member. This time, Kim and her daughter Kimberly Jackson will star together on Lifetime's The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition. Kimberly is Kim's youngest daughter, and her only child with John Jackson, according to WetPaint.

Lifetime describes The Mother/Daughter Experiment as such: "Six mother/daughter pairs will air all their dirty laundry to repair their broken relationships. Emotions run high as therapist Dr. Debbie Magids guides them through explosive therapy and intense exercises to move past their differences and rebuild their bonds."

Sounds intense, and as a fan of the family from their RHOBH days, I hope this helps Kim and Kimberly get closer and doesn't drive them apart. Kimberly seems like she has a good head on her shoulders, so hopefully this experiment helps shore up her relationship with her mom. Here's what you need to know about Kimberly before Tuesday's Mother/Daughter Experiment premiere on Lifetime

She's Still In College

Almost all of the mother/daughter pairs on the show are a lot older than Kimberly, so she will have a very different experience than the rest of the cast have with their mom. Right now, Kimberly is still a student and sorority member at UC San Diego, according to her LinkedIn page.

She Has Disney Princess Hair

It doesn't have much to do with The Mother/Daughter Experiment, but a lot of these reality stars will probably be drooling with jealousy over her amazingly thick and beautiful head of hair.

She's Always Been Close With Her Family

Kimberly may be the youngest of Kim's kids, but she's still happy to participate in Throwback Thursday, looking back on how things were growing up in such a big blended family.

She's Close With Her Stepmother

In an interview with her high school paper about her successful senior year, Kimberly called her stepmother, Sheri Jackson, one of her major inspirations alongside her mom and dad. "They were always so supportive and really taught me the value of hard work and perseverance. Their support was insane," Kimberly said. Clearly, Kimberly cares deeply about maintaining a connection with all of her parental figures, which might be why she decided to join The Mother/Daughter Experiment.

She's A Dog Lover

Kimberly must have inherited that from her mom, whose big dog Kingsley was a RHOBH scene stealer.

She Really Cares About Her Mom

Clearly these two care about one another. No amount of tough therapy sessions or drama from fellow reality stars can truly drive this mother daughter duo apart — and I'm hoping they have some emotional breakthroughs instead of emotional breakdowns while on the new Lifetime series.

Image: Karolina Wojtasik/Lifetime