Did Caila & Ben Have Sex In The Fantasy Suite? 'The Bachelor' Date Was Super Romantic

It's crazy to think that The Bachelor is wrapping up for the season, but even crazier to think that this time a couple of weeks from now, Ben Higgins will be popping the question (on TV at least, he's already done or not done it IRL). But, what comes first? The Bachelor Fantasy Suite dates, of course, as tradition dictates. And, even though these dates are happening on TV, it's something that is truly none of our business. But, human curiosity can occasionally get the best of us. If that applies to you, you might have one question come to mind: Did Caila and Ben have sex in the fantasy suite? The answer to that question is unclear... although it doesn't really matter either way.

After a romantic (and kind of awkward) date on the beach, their night seemed to go way better than the day did. They ended their night in a gorgeous hotel room with fireworks going off in the background, and the next morning, Ben and Caila had room service breakfast and sipped coffee on the balcony. Sounds like a pretty perfect date to me, no matter what happened after the cameras left. And, through it all, Caila's hair looked flawless, as per usual — something Ben commented on in the morning. Seriously, it's not fair!

Caila admitted that, after the date, she felt like she and Ben are a couple after their night together, and she seemed pretty confident that she's secured the final rose. And, although Caila told him that she loved him multiple times, Ben kept his poker face up.

Regardless of what happened when the cameras were off, behind closed doors, hopefully, that private time without strangers watching helped Ben make his final decision. Now that all those milestone dates are behind him, it's time for him to decide who he wants to propose to. Will it be Caila? We will know soon, my friends. Soon.

Image: Scott Evans/ABC