Did Lauren B. & Ben Have Sex In The Fantasy Suite? 'The Bachelor' Pair Is Basically Already A Couple

From the moment Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell met during the limo arrivals, I knew she was in it for the long haul. The connection they have is unmatched by anything Ben has had with the other women, so it's not surprising at all that she made it to the the overnight portion of the competition. And, since these two have undeniable chemistry, you might be wondering if Ben and Lauren B. had sex in The Bachelor Fantasy Suite. As far as the episode goes, it's unclear, but really, it's none of our business.

In the spirit of Ben always being totally obvious about his feelings for Lauren, their entire date was basically like watching two people who are already a legit couple spend time together. Their adorable day at the beach featured baby turtles — because seriously, what's more adorable than baby turtles?! Nothing — and ended in a gorgeous Sandals suite. And, as you probably totally expected (or at least I did), Lauren told Ben she loves him. And although it's totally against Bachelor convention, Ben told her that he's in love with her, too. Wait, can he do that?! I guess so.

But, judging from their interactions all season, it's not surprising at all that their date went well. Let's be real: Ben literally broke down in tears last week talking about how much she means to him after he met her family. Even if Lauren does seem to be the clear winner (and even more so after the Fantasy Suite), Ben also had two other dates this week, and if I've learned anything from my Bachelor obsession, it's that anything is possible, up to the very last minute.

It is good to see that their time alone together only confirmed their connection, though. If I had to put money on it, I'd say Lauren almost definitely has diamonds in her future.

Image: Levy Moroshan/ABC