The Coolest Piercings To Get Right Now

by Christine Flammia

Freshman year of college, my roommate and I headed to this low-key Boston piercing and tattoo parlor. When we walked in, everyone was hard-core pierced and inked-up — we’re talking eyelid tattoos and the coolest surface piercings across their chests. They exuded independence and rebellion. I thought: I could be like that. I could get those, too.

The to-be piercer looked at me. “So, just the ear lobes then?”

OK, so maybe I wasn’t at the dermal level yet. But it was the first time I really saw how piercings could transform an entire look. Pierced cheeks and fingers? Standard business. Blinged out collarbone and lower back rings? You bet. To me, tattoos had always been the surface change that transformed a look. But piercings, not totally permanent (except for that pesky hole), were a little more friendly to the commitment-phobe inside me.

A cool piercing is powerful, too. Find one you love and it's a major confidence booster. And let's face it: They're just sexy. These ten piercing locations are some of the coolest types to get right now, in case you need a boost of inspiration.

1. Nape

It’s the mullet of piercings: Business in the front, cool-girl party in the back.

2. Hand

Engagement tattoos? Take it a step further with engagement piercings.

3. Conch

An instant upgrade, this one's good for the gal who likes to add a little edge.

4. Back

I mean, this is just freaking fabulous.

5. Arm

Bracelets game strong, 24/7.

6. Finger

Midi rings are out. Piercings are in.

7. Chest

Futuristic and kind of scandalous at the same time.

8. Clavicle

Cold shoulder shirts just got so much cooler.

9. Pierced Tattoo

It's like a 3D tattoo. Badass.

10. Double Helix

An upgraded cartilage, without a ton of commitment. Sexy, sweet, win.

I've got to imagine that healing process on these is brutal, but the outcome? Killer.

Images: leziaenarose, artisanbodypiercing, theendisnear_brooklyn, _666piercingtattoos666_,, emilysilaghi18, soulsanchortattoo, chocoholicsandy, madi.the.spill, stigmastudios/Instagram