Ben Says "I Love You" & He Seems To Mean It

OK, so there's an unspoken "rule" on The Bachelor where the Bachelor doesn't say "I love you" to anyone until the finale. Few men have broken this rule, and Ben Higgins is one of them. Yes, Ben "I Don't Break The Rules" Higgins broke the rules. On his Fantasy Suite date on The Bachelor , Ben told Lauren "I love you" after she said I love you to him, and it was a huge step for their relationship. And, after Ben said those three magic words to Lauren, he couldn't stop saying them. Like, to the point where you have to wonder what the point of watching the rest of the season is.

Like the other women, Lauren was itching to tell Ben how she felt about him. Unlike his previous date with Caila, Ben reciprocated Lauren's "I love you" with his own "I love you, too" and while I think people are probably surprised that he actually said those words to her, it's not really that surprising that he does love Lauren. It's been obvious for some time that Ben was into Lauren, so this was just the next step for the two.

After Ben and Lauren exchanged their "I love you"s to each other, they couldn't stop saying it to each other. In fact, Ben was really laying the "I love you" talk on thick after the Fantasy Suite.

With this many "I love you"s being thrown around, you can't help but wonder what the point of watching the rest of the season is right? These two have had one of the strongest connections of the season — arguably of the entire franchise. But, as we have been teased, Ben is a bit of an "I love you" monster and doesn't stop saying it once he's said it once. Mr. Higgins, I think you've found yourself on a slippery slope that is going to be painful to get off of.

Images: Levy Moroshan/ABC