'The Bachelor' Isn't As Predictable As You Think

by Nicole Pomarico

One thing we've all learned about Ben Higgins on The Bachelor this season? He has a terrible poker face. From day one, he's worn his heart on his sleeve, and now that the show has whittled down the contestants to single digits, it's pretty obvious who Ben's frontrunner is: Lauren B. She seems to know it, the other women know it, and the rest of us watching at home definitely know it. No matter who he takes on one-on-one dates, at the end of the day, Ben seems to always go back to her. So now, you might be wondering if Ben chooses Lauren B. on The Bachelor. It seems like that's the obvious direction the show is going in.

And Monday night's one-on-one date? It only made his possible choice that much more clear. He took Lauren to hang out with kids he volunteers with in his hometown, and, afterward, they hung out with his friends at one of his favorite bars. The chemistry was there, and they seemed like a couple together. Ben even called her his girlfriend. It seems so obvious that he and Lauren will end up together at the final rose ceremony based on the interactions they've had on the show, especially lately. So, why bother continuing to watch if the outcome is right in front of our faces?

The obvious: There's no guarantee that Ben and Lauren end up together. At this point, anything could happen, and Lauren isn't the only one Ben has chemistry with. Besides, promos have made his season finale look extra dramatic and unpredictable, so it's going to be good to watch, no matter what goes down. And, never forget that Desiree's season was headed to a Brooks/Desiree finale when he suddenly decided he wanted to leave. Maybe Lauren B. will pull a Brooks?

But, even if this particular prediction is correct and he does choose Lauren, the journey to get there is still worth watching. Because between then and now, there is going to be drama, hometown dates, fantasy suite dates... all the good stuff that leads to the end. And why would you want to miss out on all that?!

Image: Jean Whiteside/ABC