Caila Might Still Have Feelings For 'Bachelor' Ben

I don't know about you guys, but I thought Monday's episode of The Bachelor was pretty brutal. After the stress of watching Ben tell two women he loves them and seeing him break Caila's heart and send her home on The Bachelor, it was enough to make anyone an emotional wreck. And, next week's Women Tell All special should be even more difficult to watch, because the ladies Ben has eliminated in the past will come back to find out the truth about his feelings for them. In fact, a question posted by the promo for next week's episode asks if Caila is still in love with Ben, and I couldn't help but wonder if she is.

Honestly, it wouldn't be surprising if those feelings did still exist. The Bachelor didn't finish filming all that long ago, and after an intense, whirlwind experience like that, it would be really hard to get over falling in love with someone so quickly who she obviously thought she was going to marry. And after scanning Caila's most recent Twitter and Instagram posts, it seems like there might still be feelings there... if a certain party decoration has anything to do with it.

If you follow Caila on Snapchat, you may have caught the recent photos of her celebrating at a party with a cardboard cut out of Ben... and a playhouse covered in roses. Still, I'm choosing to believe that this is all in jest and in the spirit of keeping the mystery of the show alive and not a nod to her actual love for him, because the alternative is just way too sad to even think about.

But, regardless of her choice in party decor, it looks like Caila's trying to move on. Recently, she's been traveling around Spain (according to her Instagram, anyway), which should do plenty to keep her mind off of Ben — if her mind is still on him in the first place, anyway.

Besides, I have a feeling she'll be thinking about a lot of guys besides Ben in the near future. Maybe two dozen of them or so? She's Bachelorette material, you guys. I just know it.

Image: Scott Evans/ABC