Why Did Ben Send Caila Home On 'The Bachelor'? It Was The Right Thing To Do

The one really sucky thing about The Bachelor — and love, really — is that it has to be reciprocated. On Monday's episode, Ben said "I love you" to two women... Caila wasn't one of them. Instead, Ben said "I love you" to Lauren and JoJo, leaving many to assume that Caila was going to be sent home on The Bachelor . It only made sense, since she was the only one to not receive the "I love you." So, in an incredibly uncomfortable and sad "visit" to Ben's Jamaican villa, Ben sent Caila home, and she was completely blindsided.

According to Ben, he was completely taken by surprise with Caila's visit. He was planning on sending her home, I just don't know if he was planning on sending her home at this exact moment. But, he knew what he needed to do, and he did it. Instead of leading her on, Ben got right to the point and explained what his heart was feeling, which was that he didn't love her.

Understandably, Caila was completely taken off-guard by it. She was hard on him, but in a fair way. She told him he didn't need to say that he was going to miss her, and she didn't dwell on the validation that he gave her throughout the season. That was until she got in the car to leave when she decided to take advantage of the situation and ask him when he knew. Ben defended himself as past Bachelors have about how he had to let her go because he just wasn't feeling it, and Caila seemed to respect his decision and leave on a classy note.

Although it really sucks for Caila that she had to get sent home, it was the right thing for Ben to do. He couldn't say "I love you" to her, and it wouldn't be fair to keep her around if he didn't feel he could be in love with her. Caila will probably realize in the long run that if there was any doubt in his mind about their relationship, then she wouldn't want to be in the relationship anyway. Plus, there's probably a good chance she could become the next Bachelorette, so don't get too upset, Caila.

Images: Scott Evans/ABC