AT LAST! A 'Scandal' Sneak Peek Video Has Arrived

Considering ABC and Shonda Rhimes are being particularly cruel and unusual when it comes to the hiatus length for its most obsession-worthy series, Scandal, it's about damn time we got a sneak peek for what's in store. We've waited pretty patiently if we do say so ourselves, and we've earned this. And thanks to the click-happy Facebook and Instagram fans of the series, we have a teeny snippet from the second half of the series third season to obsess over.

A mere 3 hours ago, fans of the series were directed to an image on the Instagram account for the show, asking its Gladiators (that's you, anyone that considers themselves a Scandal fan) to get the image to 10,000 likes — or hearts in Instaspeak — in order to unlock a special clip from the February 27th winter premiere. And as is true to the dedicated fashion of Olivia Pope converts, within three hours the goal was reached and this video was unearthed for your viewing pleasure. It's not much — the whole thing totals 21 seconds, 14 of which actually contained footage, not that we're counting or anything! — but it's something. Namely, a bit of plotting and conniving on the part of First Lady Mellie Grant, who ominously states that she's "making a respectable woman out of you, Olivia." Which, ugh: yes! Leave it to Mellie to throw Olivia "It's Handled" Pope for a loop, eh?

Scandal returns to ABC at long friggin last on February 27th at 10PM which is approximately 24 days, 5 hours, and 54 minutes away but who's counting?