The Orange Kylie Lip Kit Is On eBay At Crazy Costs

Sold-out... again! The Kylie Lip Kits were restocked yesterday and the brand new orange shade "22" was introduced into the Lip Kit population and went on sale for the first time. Of course the Lip Kits sold out in seven minutes, according to a tweet issued by Kylie Jenner herself. Clearly, demand remains high, further increasing the Lip Kit cult status. Supply will eventually catch up and every lovely who wants to wear a suede-like, matte KLK on his or her lips will be able to do so. I nabbed a Koko K yesterday through a stroke of luck and smart shopping. But what about those of you who wanted a 22 Lip Kit but were shut out? You can shop third parties, like eBay. But it will cost you. How much is the Kylie 22 Lip Kit on eBay?

Well, the prices vary. At press time, I did a quick scan of eBay and found 391 active listings for a "Kylie 22 Lip Kit." There is one on sale, and I kid you not, for $3000. But hey, at least shipping is free, right? There is also a KLK available for $1000 and there are actually 14 bidders watching the listing. Other listings hit $45, $62, $115, or $120, among others.

So the price range varies from utterly ridic to price gouged to somewhat close to the $29 price tag that Jenner sells them for via the Kylie Cosmetics site.

If you are dying to paint your pout with 22, well, you can certainly consider making a purchase on eBay or a third party. Or you can wait for the next restock.

The Kylie Cosmetics official Instagram did note that fans should stay tuned for details about another restock. The caption stated "1-2 weeks," but that could mean the info on the next restock will be made available then or that the actual restock will happen then. Right now, it's not quite clear what it means.

If you can't wait, don't have patience, and want to roll the dice with an eBay acquisition, then I suggest vetting the sellers and the merchandise. Ask questions. Make sure you are getting a legit Lip Kit and that the seller actually has the item to sell; most are posting images of their order confirmations. But are those legit? You need to do your homework if you want to shell out the bucks in this capacity.

There's also this to consider — the 22 Lip Kits just went on sale yesterday, so eBay sellers will be waiting for their shipment to arrive, too.

You know, if you order from an also-waiting eBay seller, you might end up waiting as long as it takes for the next restock to happen. So that's something to consider, too.

Just read the listings thoroughly and see what is being offered before bidding.

Instagram: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3)