Not All Of Kylie's Lip Kits Were Restocked

You're going to have to wait if you want a Kylie Lip Kit, but I have some good news. Knowing which Kylie Lip Kits were restocked today will help you know what to look out for on eBay, since all of the restocked lip kits totally sold out within 20 minutes. (Insane.) These kits are arguably more popular than her brother-in-law's Yeezy sneakers, but if you have to have it, you can either wait until Jenner restocks again or head over to eBay and spend $10,000 for a Kylie Lip Kit. Yeesh.

The restocked colors included some of the most popular, including Koko K, Posie K, Candy K, and Dolce K. This restock accompanied the launch of her newest shade, 22. Although the latest release has already sold out, Jenner told the world via Instagram, "Hey guys. I feel confident saying for now we will try our hardest to get more kits to you guys every week if not every other week." Additionally, she added, " Don't trust any scammers supposedly reselling my kits for triple the amount. Be patient & I promise they will come!"

Even if you missed today's restock, her Instagram message above should give you hope you'll still get a kit someday! I'm sure the more she restocks, the better chance you'll have of getting your lips on one. Don't give up!

Here's Kylie's full IG post announcing the restock, and it's packed with love:

Below are Koko K, Posie K, Candy K, and Dolce K.

#Swoon, am I right?

But how good is her new lip kit shade, 22?

It's perfect for spring and summer.

I want it so bad!

There's a silver lining to this whole "sold out" business, though. Since the restock did not include Koko K and True Brown K, I'm guessing there's a good chance she'll be restocking those two shades sooner than the others. Patience, lip kit lovers!