Jen & Hugh Jackman Share This Hilarious Similarity

Remember when everyone wanted "The Rachel" haircut? That sentiment is now at a whole new level since we now know that Jennifer Aniston has the most-requested face by plastic surgery patients. Well, that's just for women — men most frequently request Hugh Jackman's chiseled looks. Perhaps this is the ultimate form of idolatry, since unlike a haircut, this is, um, your face.

Patients are spending up to $100,000 to LOOK LIKE OTHER PEOPLE. It's like the Twilight Zone! No, it's a Hollywood plastic surgery office. Nurse Jamie Sherrill of Beauty Park Spa in Santa Monica revealed to the Daily Mail that while Jennifer Aniston and Hugh Jackman have the most sought-after facial features, women often opt to look like Gisele Bundchen, and men want to have a body like Channing Tatum. Essentially, it sounds like a exercise in Photoshop skills. Give me a Jen face and a Gisele torso!

Now, I did a little investigating and peered around Beauty Park Spa's website, and I discovered that this is the place where you go when wanna get your zits zapped like the stars do. And don't just take it from Nurse Jamie! Kirsten Dunst "trusts her," according to the site's testimonials, and she's Jennifer Love Hewitt's "face and body guru." So, if you want to get a celeb face treatment (like, literally), this is the place to go.

Sadly, treatments at Beauty Park Spa are pretty expensive. But fear not! If you can't afford to have it all, you can have parts of different celebrities faces and bodies! After all, folks frequently request specific celeb body parts.

In fact, Beyonce has the most requested butt, and it appears that women want Angeline Jolie's lips (in exchange for their own), Katy Perry's skin, Keira Knightley's jawline and Megan Fox's eyes. In a really fun game (sarcasm), you can imagine a grand ole Picasso-ing of the face in which patients combine the best features of all of their favorite celebs and inadvertently look godawful.

Men are specific in their requests, too -- they want Robert Pattinson's jaws, Leonardo DiCaprio's cheeks, Ian Somerhalder's eyes, and Orlando Bloom's skin.

But if you're not into that conglomeration, don't forget that you can get the full on Jennifer Aniston treatment, which is apparently the cool face to have in Hollywood. You know, like how Hunter rain boots are cool? Because apparently, some people shop for faces in the way they shop for shoes. But unfortunately, you can't return a face the way you can return a pair of shoes...or maybe you can? Someone should ask Nurse Jamie if she does face-reversals! I would venture to guess that the truly most popular face request is "my original one."