Rainbow Colored Doughnuts Are Here To Join Their Rainbow Bagel Brethren — PHOTOS

To my fellow foodies, I have some pretty exciting news! You can now wrap your lips around a delicious new treat — a rainbow colored doughnut. Honestly, I didn't really know how they could have improved on the delicious perfection that is the original doughnut, but now that I've been made aware of this Moe's Dough creation I have become a believer. I now can believe that some genius created a way to encompass a rainbow into the most perfect food item available for purchase. I also have pictures to prove it. Well ... the Internet does, but that's only because I'm not on the East Coast right now, otherwise I would be waiting outside the store doors as we speak.

In case you were wondering why this trend was born, I will take you on an adventure to last October. The Bagel Store broke ground on what is typically referred to as the bagel-aissance (bagel-renaissance or B.R. for short). Instead of the beige holy-grail of carbs (aka the bagel), the store's owner Scot Rossillo introduced a colorful creation that would soon go down in viral history. Everyone in Brooklyn wanted a piece of that magical opus, a rainbow bagel that you can imagine using to play ring-toss with a unicorn. I'm sure he has gotten awards, but we should probably give him some more. If only because he inspired an amazing episode of Late Night With Stephen Colbert featuring the gals from Broad City.

Taking the reins into their own hands, Moe's Dough has created a rainbow doughnut. This mouth-watering creation comes in two flavors — vanilla and chocolate. You can also custom pick if you would like them to be rainbow colored inside or on the inside. Not too shabby for something with a hole in it! Check out what the creation looks like on the outside:

Delicious. I almost wish I could move back to the East Coast right now! Unfortunately, being broke AF in your early 20s means that you can't fly across the country for a doughnut. I'll leave that to the impossibly rich kids of Beverley Hills High. Instead, I'll just watch videos of how to make these little guys at home and hope that the taste matches the original from Brooklyn.

The recipe above lets you make rainbow doughnuts at the comfort of your own home, with an added bonus: rainbow coloring on the INSIDE and OUTSIDE. This might not beat the experience of going to Moe's first hand, but it sure does taste sweeter when the colors are all over. If you are worried that this will take away business from the original creators — don't. The rainbow doughnuts sold out the first day they were on the shelves.

Images: moesdough/Instagram