Things Get Heated With Nick & Reagan On 'New Girl'

Well, my friends, it finally happened. After weeks of flirtatious bickering, Nick and Reagan finally kissed on New Girl , officially taking their friendship to a whole new level. We knew this was bound to happen, considering how instantly infatuated Nick was with their new loftmate, however, some of you may not have expected that Reagan would've been the one to make the first move. In fact, she was the one who kept trying to bring Nick's feelings for her out into the open throughout the entire episode, and when he finally did, that's when she made her move. So the only question is — where do they go from here?

I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty steamy kiss, though, it will never compare to that passionate make-out session between Nick and Jess back in Season 2. (Nick's line of, "I meant something like that" still gives me all the feels.) But there's no denying that he still has some chemistry with Reagan, even if it's not to quite the same extent as what exists between him and Jess. And now that they've made that leap out of the friend zone, there's no going back. I wouldn't jump to calling them boyfriend and girlfriend or anything, but don't expect that one brief kiss to be a one time thing. Because from where I was standing (or rather, sitting), I could tell that both of them liked it and plan on doing it again.

The thing is, though, this is no longer just about attraction. They both clearly care about each other at this point, which means we could be looking at a full blown relationship down the line. However, I can't help but wonder how things will change upon Jess' return. How will she react to seeing Nick and Reagan together? Will her presence make Nick question what he wants? Right now, it's hard to say, but I have a feeling things are about to get way more complicated in our favorite loft. Prepare your emotions accordingly.

Image: Ray Mickshaw/FOX