Adele Helps Fan Propose, Awkwardness Ensues

Let's get one thing out of the way: There's nothing I love more than a romantic marriage proposal, except for maybe when celebrities go above and beyond to do something special for their fans. Both are heartwarming gestures that, when caught on tape and uploaded to YouTube, have me hitting refresh until I find myself crying tears of joy into my couch several hours later. Needless to say, when these sweet gestures are somehow intertwined — a big-name artist invites a fan onstage to ask their significant other for their hand in marriage, for example — I'm usually giddy AF and already reaching for the tissues. Except, that is, when things kind of go awry. Like when Adele helped a fan propose on Leap Day and it was so awkward I could barely get through the video.

Apparently, it is Irish tradition that on Leap Day (Feb. 29), women buck tradition and pop the question to their boyfriends (obviously, this can be done in every day life whenever the eff you want, but the Leap Day tradition lives on!) And since Adele was kicking off her tour in Belfast on Monday night, she invited a fan to the stage to pop the question to her BF. The only thing is, the guy had a difficult time saying "yes." (I'm cringing just thinking about it.)

While on stage, the fan revealed that she had actually proposed to her boyfriend earlier that day, but his response was a "maybe." Just what every girl wants to hear, right? Of course, the only way to salvage this already-uncomfortable moment was apparently to make it even more awkward. Not only did the audience boo the guy (as to be expected), Adele didn't exactly let him off the hook, either, calling him out and pressuring him in front of the packed crowd to say yes.

"You need to say a proper 'yes,' bruv," she told the guy, leading the audience to chant, "Come on, Neil!"

Though the outcome of the situation is kind of unclear from the video, Billboard reports that Neil said yes.

Still, if your boyfriend's answer to a marriage proposal is a "maybe" (which is soul-crushing enough), maaaaybe enlisting Adele's help and forcing him to give an answer in such a public, high-pressure environment is not the way to go about it. At least Adele is there to console you with her heartbreaking tunes if things go south...