Netflix Wants To Pay You For Your Instas

Like every person who has ever existed, one of my dreams has always been to travel the world. Now it seems as if that not only is a realistic dream, but you could get paid to see it come true by winning a newly announced Netflix Instagram contest. Netflix announced this week that it is looking for a new "Grammaster" — a social media representative who would travel to numerous Netflix show locations and document what goes on behind the scenes. Is it just me or does this seems like the most perfect job in the world? Forget the odds of winning. This is my Powerball.

The contest is specifically looking for people who have an interest in film and television — and I'm guessing it's safe to assume that anyone who is into Netflix is a person passionate about their entertainment, so the competition is going to be fierce. The catch is that you also have to be talented at capturing moments in your own life (so maybe not 1,400 photos of your breakfast sandwich, even though I respect that hustle). This Grammaster would have to have a good sense for what their fellow viewers would want to check out behind the scenes, and have the vision to snap the appropriate picture. So basically, the ideal person for this is probably someone who has eye for photo composition who can also quote every episode of 30 Rock. (Me, guys. ME.)

I read the official contest rules and I will say — good luck to the intern sorting through all the submissions for the next month. I cannot see anyone passing up the opportunity to get paid to do something I personally would pay money to do. In order to enter, you have to follow Netflix on Instagram and use "#grammasters3" to tag three of your pictures that best showcase your abilities as a content creator. They are looking to be blown away by your interests and passions. If you end up winning, you will travel for two weeks visiting the sets of popular shows, films, and even Netflix originals. Netflix will even cover the cost of travel — and did I mention that Netflix will also pay you $2,000 a week to do this?! Well, they will.

So get those Instagram pictures ready and start applying. I know I am. Here are my three entries (try not to be intimidated):

Submission #1

This one shows that, at the very least, I have talented friends who can animate things for me. If I were to win, I would utilize their help and create cool animations.

Submission #2

This one is a representation of how I view the world. I tend to find random things throughout my day and follow my Insta bliss. TBH, I don't even know how I would fare in an environment like a set.

Submission #3

This one is supposed to play up my international appeal by showing that I grew up in a different country. I'm ready to get Russians into Netflix ASAP.

May the best 'Grammer win!

Images: Courtesy of Dasha Fayvinova