10 Ways To Make "Netflix And Chill" A Way Of Life

You may have heard of Redditor vrpowell2000, also known as Vincent Powell, the guy who recently broke the Internet with his Netflix and chill Tinder profile picture. The image proved him to be like a god among us mere mortals, for it showed a way of embracing Netflix and chill as a way of life none of us had hitherto dared to imagine. In the image, the handsome Powell is pictured wearing a red Netflix shirt and holding — wait for it — a full bag of ice. Netflix and chill? More like hook, line, and sinker, sir, because that single image has won the hearts of people across the world (wide web). Though I'm not certain, one of his previous posts suggests that Powell is from Austin, Tex., meaning I am extraordinarily tempted to make the hike from Boston to Austin just to match with someone who will both Netflix and chill and Netflix and chill (your drink).

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Powell revealed what we all suspected: The picture was created and posted to get some laughs from the ladies. He says, “I’m 5’6, middle-class, and obviously a black male. According to most market research, the cards are stacked against me. I realized that I could overcome many of my physical disadvantages with humour, so all my profiles are built to make the ladies laugh.” Well, sir, you've certainly succeeded in making this lady laugh — along with a whole bunch of other people, too. Congratulations!

We can learn a lot from Powell, but the most important lesson he has taught us is to embrace Netflix and chill as a lifestyle, not just a fleeting meme that is popular one day and then sucked up by the vast, merciless Internet void the next. In honor of this innovative man, here are 10 ways to fully embrace the Netflix and chill philosophy. Life's too short to just Netflix without the chill or just chill without the Netflix.

1. Date Vincent

Yes, I'm posting this photo here again because just look at him. Seriously. Get him in your Tinder radius. Swipe right. Match with him. Do whatever you can without being creepy ensure this man falls in love with you. Marry him. Netflix and chill for the rest of your beautiful, beautiful life.

2. Be Vincent

Because this man clearly has it all on lock.

3. Don't Leave Your House

It's much harder to Netflix and chill in public, so if this lifestyle is something you're really trying to hone in on, you've got to stay in more. "Party and chill" and "go on a fancy dinner date, see a movie in theaters, and chill" just don't have the same ring to them.

4. Always Use Protection

Because Netflix and chill without proper defenses can lead to a lot of unwanted headaches and long-term issues, during which time the last things you'll be thinking of are Netflix and chilling. If you know what I mean.

5. Customize Your Own Netflix And Chill Button

Netflix's own instructions on how to build a Netflix and chill button will allow you to dim the lights, silence your phones, and order takeout instantly. But what if it could also send radio waves out into the world, beckoning in romantic, consenting partners who, like yourself, want to embrace Netflix and chill life with you? I would buy that. Can someone invent that, please?

6. Get A Puppy

Take note, gentlemen! According to some sociology and psychology studies, having a dog will make you more attractive to females, if you're into that kind of thing. What's better than Netflix and chill followed by hanging out with your puppy? And then maybe some more Netflix and chill?

7. Avoid Attachment

If you, like a lot of people I know, prefer to Netflix and chill with a variety of people instead of limiting yourself, avoid attachment at all costs. (But so you don't come off as an asshole, make sure the other people are on the same page). I'm only 21, but my elders tell me that when you're with the same person for long enough, Netflix and chill can lose its vigor and sometimes just become...Netflix. In different rooms. With headphones in. Try to keep the spark alive instead!

8. Keep Your Kitchen Stocked with Popcorn, Soda, and Gummy Candy

So you're energized for your "movie watching experience."

9. Try Different Positions

Because Neflix and chilling the same way every time can get a little stale, don't you think?

10. When No One Else Is Down, You Can Always Netflix and Chill Alone

Because who knows your interests, cinematic or otherwise, better than yourself?

Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Netflix/Facebook; Giphy (10)