Why He's Not Moving In With Kendall Jenner

You know the old saying, if ya can't have a drink in the States, ya probably shouldn't cohabitate? Well, Hollywood Life has released why Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner aren't living together yet, and apparently it's because...."they are young and having fun." In other words, they're not in a serious relationship at all. So THAT'S why they haven't had the big talk yet!

Call me traditional and old fashioned, but usually I consider being in a real relationship a prerequisite for moving in together. I mean, maybe that's not what the kids are doing these days! Maybe it's like casual sex, but with casual lease-signing. Casual renting! Is this an impending trend that I am not aware of?

But, like, it seems sooo serious! The One Direction heartthrob and the daughter of Bruce Jenner went on a ski trip together! He celebrated his big 2-0 with Kendall, so it MUST be fo realz. I mean, girlfriend did entertain him at her dad's mansion. Oh! That's right! Her dad's mansion...because most 18-year-olds live with their parents.

But hold your horses, ya'll. They're taking it slow before they get serious! They're practicing that fine art of maturation and decision making! Perhaps before they have that talk, though, they should take a cue from the sea of truths out there about couples interested in cohabitation, and have a talk about their expectations before they have make any major decisions. Or perhaps they should just, uh, wait a bit.