It's a Bat-Off: LEGO vs. Bale

Listen everyone, before we get all up in arms about Batfleck, we must remember that LEGO Batman is on his way first. That’s right, the much-anticipated and awesomely-awesome LEGO Movie will hit the theaters on February 7th — and the fillm features a cast of colorful characters including LEGO Batman, voiced perfectly by Will Arnett. The comedian has been tweeting up a storm about the movie, and we really can’t blame him. We’re excited too. His posts have featured an adorable array of his ‘lil bat self posing all along Arnett’s press tour. It’s just too delightful.

In a recent interview with The Huffington Post about his approach to the legendary role, as well as living up to Christian Bale’s now iconic Bat Voice, Arnett noted, "Starting with Adam West and through Christian Bale, it feels like the voice of Batman has gotten more and more serious and dark. You know how Christian Bale talks like this... So I wanted to take that and just have Batman talk in that voice all the time. Especially for super mundane stuff. ‘I have to get out of here because I have an appointment.’ That is hysterical.”

So obviously I am now way more ecstatic about The LEGO Movie than any respectable 27-year-old adult probably should. In any case, the more I read up about the movie and Arnett’s role, the more I’m starting to think we just may have a real contender for the best Batman of this generation. Sure, both are equally hilarious, the difference here is intention.

Everyone, it’s a Bat-Off

Round 1: Bat Voice


Winner: LEGO Batman, obviously

Round Two: Bat Suit


Winner: Christian Bale. Sorry LEGO, yours is painted-on, so you there’s a little less ingenuity involved.

Round Three: Commitment to Gotham City


Winner: LEGO Batman. Last night’s Super Bowl went on without a hitch. And now we know who to thank.

Round Four: Intimidation


Winner: Christian Bale. LEGO Batman, that Toronto Maple Leafs endorsement is NOT helping your image with Gotham’s underbelly.

Round Five: Role Model Worthiness


Winner: Clearly LEGO Batman. Less violent, more jokes, and is way better with kids.

Overall Winner: LEGO Batman

Sure, sure, Christian Bale's performance sort of "reinvented" the franchise. But guys, LEGO BATMAN.

Images: descendintoarkhammaddness/thedarkknightjoker/giphography/ become-the-villain/Tumblr