'The LEGO Movie' Continues to Look Super

In the latest trailer for The LEGO Movie, which comes out on Feb. 7, 2014, one is immediately entranced by the smooth vocals of Morgan Freeman, who appears as a God-like character in the LEGO universe. He declares that hapless Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt) is their ultimate savior, the Master Builder. The trailer plays on the common "introducing a superhero" motif, and it does so while setting Emmet up as a Homer Simpson archetype; he has no idea what is going on, makes small talk with his plant, and takes more than one Pratt-fall as the trailer progresses. From the outset, it's clear that The LEGO Movie will provide a running commentary on superhero films, as well as play with the physical limitations of the LEGOs themselves. In the first official trailer, Emmet attempts jumping jacks and only accomplishes a tortured flailing. While his role in this world is similar to that of Neo in The Matrix, this comedic anti-hero doesn't even have the flexibility to do the Macarena.

What makes the film truly exciting, apart from the nostalgia it inspires in everyone who has owned a LEGO set, is the diversity of its plastic characters. LEGO has produced figurines for most if not all major action films over the years, which means that the creators of the film can throw Batman, Superman, God, Abraham Lincoln, and pretty much whomever they want into the mix. Not since Clone High has there been so much potential for spillover between genres and individual characters. If Marvel is bringing together its superheroes, The LEGO Movie can very well bring together every superhero, cartoon character, film star, or historical figure. It's the ultimate film playground, and the producers have brought in comedic talent to fuel the flame. Will Arnett voices the comedically overconfident Batman, Will Ferrell appears as the LEGO tyrant, and Freeman reprises his role as, yes, God. Get pumped for this film, and watch especially for its references to other films as it plays with the superhero genre. You won't be able to LEGO of your seat.

Image: Warner Bros.