The 'Dirty Dancing' Remake Just Got Even Better

by Michelle Lulic

In the midst of all of our favorite TV shows getting revived, some of our favorite movie classics are in the running for being remade as well. And, whether you agree with the choice for certain remakes or not, there comes a point where you have to face the music and just dance to the beat — especially when it comes to the television movie remake of the classic film, Dirty Dancing. However, the hit 1987 film is going to be a lot more than just a TV remake: ABC is putting together a musical version of Dirty Dancing starring Abigail Breslin as Baby, Colt Prattes as Johnny, and Debra Messing as Baby's mother. Now, the latest member to join the cast? Lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger, has joined ABC's Dirty Dancing as Penny.

OK... Are you already feeling a little excited/overwhelmed by the whole idea of the film? Me too. However, whether you realize it or not, it just a got a whole lot better. How? Well, because Nicole is going to totally rock this. Between her dancing, singing, and acting expertise, this could be the opportunity for Nicole to finally show the world the triple-threat that she is. And now we also know one thing for sure: A Dirty Dancing film made in 2016 is bound to be a whole lot sexier with Nicole in the mix — even if the storyline is still going to be set in it's original time frame of the '60s. And here is exactly why.

1. There's No Denying That She Can Dance Dirty

As the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole was all about dancing — and Dirty Dancing is just the kind of film she needs to show off her skills just a tad bit more than she already has. Seriously, just watch her dancing, it speaks for itself.

2. She's Proved Her Acting Chops Before

Although she's never had the opportunity to take on any meaty acting roles, she has acted in a number of different projects before. From My Wife and Kids to How I Met Your Mother and even Men In Black 3, Nicole has slowly been making her way into the acting industry. And Dirty Dancing is the perfect way to help her secure her spot!

3. Her Vocals Are Also On Point

You may not think that singing is important for this movie, but let's keep in mind that the remake is going to be a musical! So having lead singing experience is definitely a plus. But, that's not even the last of it! Along with her work as a Judge on the X Factor, we know that Nicole is ready to bring the vocals.

4. She's Specifically Mastered Her Ballroom Dancing Skills

Dirty Dancing is not just about dancing dirty, it's about ballroom! So, can Nicole ballroom dance? She sure can. In fact, she performed on Dancing With The Stars with Derek Hough in 2010 to sharpen those skills even more.

6. She Can Command A Crowd

Penny's character is a dance teacher and event coordinator in the film. So, does Nicole have the stage presence to get that vacation getaway on its feet? You bet she does! Aside from being a judge on X Factor, Nicole also completed a brief stint as a co-host on NBC's Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris. In Dirty Dancing, Nicole is going to have us running to go sign-up for her dance classes.

6. She's Performed In Musicals Before

OK... so Nicole can sing, dance, and act. But has she even ever done a musical before?! The answer to that question is also yes. Not only has Nicole taken on the role of Maureen from Rent at the Hollywood Bowl, but she also studied Theater Arts at Wright State University before she nabbed her big break.

7. It's About Time She Nabbed A Big Role Like This

This could be the talked about movie she needs to push her acting career forward. Plus, we finally get to see her act in something more dramatic with the role of Penny as well. With this role, 2016 could easily turn into yet another one of her breakout years.

The ABC Dirty Dancing musical remake doesn't have an air date set as of yet. But, until then, start sharpening those dance moves.

Images: Giphy; Wifflegif