9 Struggles Of Being A Stubborn Person

by Dasha Fayvinova
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As I have grown older I have realized just how stubborn I really am. I take after my father in that department. I guess if I were to be honest, I've always known this about myself, but I chose to acknowledge it more as I got older. Mostly because I keep giving less and less or a f*ck. My opinions have finally started to come first, instead of taking a backseat! Being a little selfish and standing up for what I want can be misconstrued as a negative and given the label of "stubborn," but on my end, it feels great.

Until it doesn't.

Sometimes, I notice that my stubbornness blinds me from seeing a different perspective. I enter a tunnel vision and see the finish line with my name written on it. How about group projects? Please forget those exist. While I love collaborating, anything that is not a creative passion project gives me heart palpitations, especially in a group setting. I have a hard time taking criticism, so I tend to talk myself down before showing anything to anyone. Lastly, if I know a good way of doing something and no one listens, I take great silent pride when they end up being wrong. What can I say? I am a human being!

From the small daily comments people make in your general direction, all the way to bigger relationship ruining factors — growing up stubborn is a blessing and curse. Learning how to manage the positives this quality brings, while downplaying the negatives, is a real challenge to undertake. If anyone figures out the secret, please make sure to let me know, because I am still swimming through life. Below are some of the ways that it is a struggle being a stubborn person.

1. You Hate Admitting You Are Wrong

This is THE WORST. Being wrong is unacceptable. Even when the proof is staring you in the face, you cannot help but try to find excuses for your behavior. You hate admitting that you are wrong so strongly that you are willing to make bold claims that really cut down your authority on anything for the future. And like that Britney GIF, you tend to cry out of frustration.

2. Being Right

You are not a gracious winner. Sometimes you can be downright smug. But you know what? You were right, so who cares?!

3. Impulsive Buyer

You don't really care if someone advises you not to get a third collectable coffee table book, that you will never read. You want something so you buy it. You are impulsive because your opinions are iron clad. Just keep saying that on the phone with the credit card people, I'm sure they understand.

4. Other People Call You Difficult

This one is the toughest for me personally. I hate being labeled and when I hear that I'm being stubborn I get super defensive. I know in some cases they are totally right, but hearing it makes it somehow more real. Any stubborn person knows that you will tend to shut off and get mad deep inside. That's such a bad way to live.

5. Once You Make Up Your Mind, That's It

Good luck trying to make us change our minds. It's not happening. We don't compromise. WE ARE METAL LIKE THAT.

6. High Standards

Our opinions can sometimes bite us in the butt because we are very picky. We don't like most birthday gifts and we would much rather just tell you what we want. We know the food we want, the vacation plan, and even a perfect haircut for our face-shape. Basically, we are experts, so back off.

7. Authority Is Always Being Questioned

We do not rely on authority to tell us what we need to do or how to do it. Teachers, parents, cops, theater ushers — it doesn't matter. I don't care if you don't want me to go into the theater early, I will do it anyway because we both know you were done cleaning five minutes ago and you just don't want kids sneaking into R-rated films.

8. You Hate Asking For Or Accepting Help

You are too stubborn to ask for help. Anything that needs to be done, you are more than capable of doing it, even when you are not. This means that often times you will be stressed out and rushing, instead of enjoying the process. I guess someday we will change, but until then, we will keep on chasing perfection by ourselves. (We do appreciate you offering though — more than you will ever know.)

9. Two Stubborn People Together = Disaster

Dating between two stubborn people is a basic disaster. You will never agree on anything when you disagree. There is no caving in, or wearing the other person down. The match is forever and the relationship suffers because of it. It takes a very special person to deal with us and trust me when I say that it's worth it.

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